So Why Do Network Marketers Need To Know The Maslow Theory Of Motivation?

So Why Do Network Marketers Need To Know The Maslow Theory Of Motivation?

The whole key to network marketing revolves around the Maslow theory of motivation. Now we all should know that a person must motivate themselves, rather than relying on someone else. If we wait for that special person to appear they may not show up. So we need to get on with it ourselves.

We also know that if you help enough people get what they want. You get what you want.  So that puts the onus for you to find out all you can about a prospective team member before any offer is made. We need to know what motivates them and then we can guide them in the right direction. But that must have their own strong reasons for wanting to do something.

I am not sure if I have quoted Zig Ziglar’s words correctly, but I think you get the point here.

Yes, you come into network marketing for your own strong reasons and maybe ambition etc, but if you don’t grasp this fundamental principle here you will not make sufficient long term residual income to speak of.

As a network marketing leader, you have to pay attention to the Maslow theory of motivation because he identified 5 basic needs that human beings crave. This was written in 1943 and the theory is as accurate today as it’s ever been.

maslow theory of motivationSo when you are qualifying a prospective partner for your new or existing venture, think about some of these things as you interview them or just engage in some meaningful dialogue on your fact-finding journey.

The Theory Of Human Motivation

1. Your prospects have to have their physiological needs met first before anything else. These include water, food, sleep, and air.

For a lot of us, we take these physiological needs for granted and there is a very good reason that they are in this order.

2. Everyone wants a roof over their heads, somewhere to live, that provides safety and security.

Now I would say as we go through these, they go from the very basic needs right through to complete fulfillment. You cannot miss any of these out or your life will be out of balance.

So if you were looking for leaders and offering someone the chance to earn $100,000+ a year and they live in a tent, without a job, then the chances of them fighting their way out of their are slim, but it has been done. You need to pay attention to this stuff.

3. Everyone or nearly everyone wants some kind of social connection so that they can feel this sense of belonging to something bigger than themselves, such as a church, religion, group or network marketing business. You see this is where you might well come into the frame.

Most people are looking for an enhanced sense or feeling of community, where they can network, talk or just be a part of a like-minded crowd.

4. The next thing that is on the list is the need for self-esteem and recognition. Most people thrive within a framework or atmosphere where they can accomplish something or their personal worth is increased substantially. This accomplishment or achievement is the next stage towards fulfilling those basic human needs that are necessities in most people.

5. The last area of need is self-actualization, which is where people become more self-aware about themselves and their health.

They become less concerned about what others think of them and more concerned about reaching their full potential. The Ancient Greeks called it, ‘Mind, Body, and Spirit.’ In other words a synergistic and holistic way or approach of bringing out the best in a human being. So that you think positive thoughts, feel fantastic, look great and are extremely healthy.

It is very funny that health comes at number 5 because the 75 million baby boomers worked all that time and for the most part earnt the money and ignored their health and now they are spending the money on living longer and the betterment of their health.

So why do network marketers need to know the Maslow theory of motivation? Well if you think about really, it is common sense or as some people call it plain horse sense.

It will be important that the power and effectiveness of your dialogue require you to ask quality questions that seek out your prospect’s truth. Yes, they are going to join you if they like you and feel that they can work with you, but you have to be totally aware of their current position, so you know what to say to them.

As a network marketing leader we know it is all down to the numbers, but take a little time and find out all you can within a short frame of time about your prospect’s circumstances, so that you remain genuine and are able to assist them.

This is to ensure that this future transaction benefits both parties moving forward and neither person is wasting each other’s time.

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