Whatever Is Required?

Whatever Is Required You Do. That Is How You Win

Most people think, “How do I succeed?” instead of switching it completely all around and ask themselves, “Why do I succeed?” Think about these two statements for a moment and then decide which one fits your particular situation, then ask yourself the third question, “Are you willing to do whatever is required?”

If you start or begin as if you have already made it, the end game, the ultimate result, which is where you really want to be, then you will be well on your way to achieving it. But you have to be able to honestly look someone in the face and say, “I am successful because I do whatever is required.”  “Do you have the courage and are you willing to do whatever it takes to win?”

“So why is it that I (meaning you) can succeed whilst the vast majority get left behind?” In other words, “Why do I succeed?”whatever is required

Because I get up earlier and stay later than anyone else. I am prepared to constantly jump out of my comfort zone and speak to people. I would rather go for a run or attend a conference call, instead of picking up a newspaper or watching the TV. Are you the person who goes for the run, makes the effort or are you the loser watching the box and frittering your life away, bit by bit?

You will know when your really at the races when you are making that telephone call you dread and your palms are damp and the sweat is running down your back because you are either too nervous, apprehensive or fear complete rejection. “So are you brave, tenacious and are willing to do whatever it takes to complete your task?”

Is Your Team Willing To Do Whatever Is Required?

You see if you are in network marketing, sports or you lead a team of people, you must not be surprised if your team members do not fulfil their potential and aren’t willing to do whatever, if you aren’t. You are the bench mark, the beacon and the mentor, so make sure you are worth following and copying.

Your team will not do what you are not willing to do, it is as simple as that. Because they are always looking at you and what you are doing. So best you display all those wonderful qualities, get the job done and get the job done exceptionally well, so that your team can answer the question that you are going to ask them, “Why do I succeed?”and you can follow up with the statement, “You can do it to.”

So be willing to go further than anyone else, that extra mile or two. Put in the additional minutes and hours in the gym or on the phone, that no-one else will consider doing. Be the person who is willing to do whatever.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Whatever is required

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