Why Create A Victory List?

So Why Create A Victory List?

First of all, there are two types of victory list and both of them are terrific ways to inspire you to greater things. The first type of victory list will relate to your successes. This is the list that you can refer to, to remind yourself that you can be a success at anything you put your mind to.why create a victory list

This article relates to the second type of victory list. The normal to do list makes a written plan of everything you want to achieve that day or next day.

My victory list is a to-do list in reverse, let me explain. I personally found that I would make a to-do list of the 5 to 10 things I wanted to do that day. Now I found it very draining because I didn’t complete that particular list. So this is what I did and you will see why I found it inspiring.

I would take number 1 on my mental list and just do it. Once I had completed it I would add it to my victory list. Then I would move on to number two on my mental list, complete that action and add it to the victory list. If I was called away or distracted and unable to complete my mental list it didn’t have a negative impact on the day or my business.

This was because I had a victory list of 2 or 3 positive accomplishments, instead of an incomplete to-do list. I realize that people have been using to do lists for many years and it may well work for them, but not for everybody.

This type of victory list works for me and possibly other people could use it as an alternative type of to-do list. At the end of the day, we have to find whatever works for us and go with it. I hope that has answered the question, ‘Why create a victory list.’

To Your Success

Paul Bursey