Why Am I In Business?

When you first saw that exciting new business, how did you feel? Maybe you are still juiced to work your business, as I am, but I know for some of you the dream has long since died. But, did you ever get to ask yourself this question, “Why am I in business?”

You see you need to know the answer to this question in order to get your mind straight. Now for most of us, we came into the network marketing business or similar to change our way of life and maybe earn either some extra money per month, in order to pay the rent or just buy something new. Then, there were those who came in because they saw their business venture as a way of replacing their current income and increasing it dramatically.why am i in business
But I personally believe that the real reason you get into a┬ábusiness is to be able to answer this one very important question and that is, “How may I serve and give value?”

You see excellent service must come first and most people forget this in our industry and business in general. If you are a great servant and supply superb service and provide a great product, then you will be compensated. It is that simple.

Now there are some other factors to be considered, including, the quality of product etc, but service must always come first.

Think about this from the consumer or client point of view. When you go to a restaurant, are you expecting brilliant service, I know I am and I think that most of us would say the same thing if we were asked.

As a prospective business owner, you must continually ask yourself this question, “Why am I in business?” It is not all about the financial gain, but looking after people first.

Yes, we want to receive money and do well for our families, but I think that most people put profits before service and that is why they do not make any money. Fantastic service must precede financial gain if you want a stable business in this uncertain economic climate.

There are some other ingredients that you must protect when building a business, whether it is a brick and mortar business or an online business. The principles are still the same and they include such things as your reputation, your brand name, integrity, transparency, and honesty.

It takes a considerable amount of time to build up the necessary trust and credibility required in today’s marketplace. It only takes a few seconds to destroy everything that you have worked towards, by taking shortcuts, lying to customers, not paying refunds and generally giving poor service.

It is a tough market out in the world at the moment and you have to be as unique as you can be and give wonderful service to your clients if you are share in higher profits.

So if you want to move forward this year, answer this one relevant and vital question, “Why am I in business?” When can you answer this clearly and distinctly, you will be able to meet the challenge head-on and succeed.

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Paul Bursey


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