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Who Needs Support And Encouragement?

I think the only way to answer the question, 'Who needs support and encouragement,' is best answered by you and the proverbial mirror. WHY? Everyone is unique and individual, yes we all have generic needs, but the level of help and cheering from the sidelines will affect all people differently. 

Occasionally or more likely rarely a superstar (first group) comes along and requires minimal assistance in this area, maybe because they are so laser focused on what their goals or outcomes, they don't even consider that support and encouragement is there for them or they just may not require it to be successful. In theory most of your time should be spent with this small band of entrepreneurs, but in reality they probably will not need it too much.

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Then there are the group of people (the third group) where support and encouragement must be there in order for them to even function at all. Although we must understand that these people exist and I am sure we all have come across them, we should be very careful about committing untold energy in their direction, because they will drain away all your boundless energy reserves if you allow it to happen.

So should you to offer support and encouragement to everyone? Yes of course, but when you have identified that they require too much help in this area, you would allow the group settings and conference calls to do the work for you most of the time.   

Time is precious and limited, so your valuable minutes must be spent with the rising stars, who initially can be found in the first group. The second and much larger group, which will make up the bulk or majority of your organisation. This is where the balancing act must swing into operation, because initially you will not know which members of this group will thrive and grow. The great thing is that the cream always rises to the top thankfully, so you must pay attention in this area to identify the very best as they emerge. 

This part of your organisation (second group) is where most of your support and encouragement (face to face and one to one on the telephone) will be directed towards.

Remember you must be unscrupulously conservative with your very limited personal time in order to become the most effective leader that you can be. Yes you want to help, yes you want to assist your people to become successful, but most of the desire and action must come from them.

The key is to be available for support and encouragement, but not waste those extremely valuable minutes on those people who basically do not deserve your time. 

All I can say is the support and encouragement I have received over the years has been outstanding, so I would say that it is a vital component of any leader's portfolio of business skills. Those little comments I received like, 'You can do this.' as simple as they were, became amazingly powerful tools that had a fantastic effect on my performance.

Yes, you want individuals to be able to stand on their own two feet and not be dependent on any leader, but at the same time realizing that sometimes we all need a bit of guidance and direction and it should be made available to an organization, as long as those members respect the leader's time and deserve it also.

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Paul Bursey

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