Where Is My Entrepreneurial Mindset At?

My Entrepreneurial Mindset Is Important To Me

Have you ever asked yourself that question, because I do quite regularly? I think then leads on to whether or not you are a true entrepreneur and it is ok not to be one. It is not a crime to just want to be an employee and earn a regular wage. In fact, you are very much in the majority and you should be proud that you have a working mindset.

However, for those courageous few who decide to plow on and develop my entrepreneurial mindset, or in this case yours, riches await you IF…. my entrepreneurial mindset

IF….you learn the art of persistence and keep on track, even when things aren’t going too well. Too many people quit at the first sign of resistance or when hitting those first few obstacles. You have to learn the art of being totally relentless in your quest for whatever it is you are searching for.

IF….you are prepared to learn new ways of doing things, on an ongoing basis. Always being prepared to educate yourself and others on the best and most effective ways to reach your goals.

IF….you are prepared to lead instead of following. Learning to embrace all the skillsets of leadership, but not forgetting that there are other leaders who know more than you, so it becomes a two-way learning curve.

IF….you are prepared to invest, not only in yourself but your business as well. Sometimes things cost some money and you may well have to invest some cash in your future. Now I am not suggesting you relinquish the ability to be sensible, but never be afraid to use money when you feel it will benefit your business or education.

IF….you learn the art of communication so that you create a great first impression and are able to engage yourself in dialogue with anyone at anytime successfully.

Now I am sure this is the type of subject that you could add to all of the time, but I will leave it there for now. It is obvious that to create and maintain an entrepreneurial mindset, takes work and a continued commitment. Most people are not prepared to make that commitment and so will never adopt the correct posture in business.

So the key is to ask yourself this question, “Where Is My Entrepreneurial Mindset At?

To Your Success


Paul Bursey