When Is The Time Right?

So, When Is The Time Right?

Sometimes timing just sucks and no matter what you do, things never actually work out as you really want them to. When is the time right?

Take the start of a relationship as an example. You meet someone and start to go out with them. Maybe it is a drink and a chat that lasts about 5 hours. You are ready for a relationship, so you are open to all of the possibilities that life has to offer.

You have dinner and then go to the cinema. You end up having a great time and the date lasts two whole days. The relationship appears to be fantastic and you seem to be well matched at this stage.

You are introduced to all the other parties friends and some family and you think that you have hit the jackpot, but little do you know what is going to happen down the road.

The next date lasts four days and then feelings really take over and one of the pair falls hopelessly in love and maybe this is where the cracks start to show. But it was all going so well though.

when is the time rightYou continue to go out and have fun but the uncommitted one of the pair does not involve you in their plans, even when speaking in front of people, which you find slightly odd. He or she is talking about weekends, Christmas and New Year. You are not mentioned and you feel like the donkey in Shrek. Jumping up and down in the corner saying “take me, take me.”

Now, obviously hidden agendas can play a crucial role here. Well, there are two people in this budding relationship.

Now the history or baggage can come into play and really start to affect things. Now baggage affects people in different ways. For some they accept it and can move on reasonably well, but for others it can be a timeless milestone around their neck, ready to sabotage any future hopes, plans and dreams.

The committed one is a little unsure about things, although he or she is extremely happy with how things are going along.

When a relationship starts it is fresh new and exciting, but problems set in because both parties are simultaneously unaware of underlying conditions, challenges, illnesses or problems that already exist.

Although timing sucks and some people think it is all or nothing. Timing can be overcome though and this is the thing that people need to understand. Timing can be bridged by good communication, flexibility and the willingness to roll with the punches , instead of being rigid.

But in the end the one who is lagging behind must show their will and determination for this to work in favour of the relationship. Unfortunately sometimes it can become too one sided.

Relationships must be built on many things, including honesty, trust and excellent communication. Relationships cannot be forced and there must be a natural flow to them. But in the end it is a person’s desire that will win the day, even, if that person is way behind the other person.

So when is the time right? Who knows, but what I do know is that you can arrange the rules anyway you want them. In fact there are no rules here and if the timing sucks, be open to possibilities, do not force yourself into making snap decisions, which you may regret for years to come and have yourself saying in later years, “If only.”

Sometimes you need to take a gamble in life and see where it takes you. If it doesn’t work out well at least you did your best.

So how does this sit with the development of an entrepreneurial mindset? Only that their are no rules here, you make decisions as you go along and fight your corner.

If you want something, go for it. period!! Whether it is a relationship, business or whatever fight for your dream and never give up until it becomes impossible to achieve.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


When is the time right?