Completely Humbled By My Mistake

When I Was Completely Humbled

First of all I need to give you some facts, so stay with me here as this is a bit long winded. I own an audi TT (2007) which I have had from new and I am very careful when I park it in car parks because it is an expensive car and I don’t want to see it scratched and dented. I work as an instructor in the care industry dealing with Health & Safety, food hygiene and nutrition.completely humbled

Last Friday I was at a training centre and parked my car properly in the car park. I noticed a woman park her car next to mine. Unfortunately she parked close and I feared that she may hit my car. She opened the door and left a gap, which I thought might well be enough. She got out of the car and I noticed that she was in excess of 280Ib. Now I have nothing against large people.

As she got out of the car the weight shifted and her driver’s door hit my car. Now I was obviously gutted, but funny enough I wasn’t annoyed. Maybe all that personal development I had worked on had finally kicked in, Eureka! However, the Lady came into the building and it worked out she was one of the people I would be training for 3 hours.

So I went downstairs and saw that in fact there was brand new damage on my car near where her door would have struck my car. I chose not to confront her until after the training, for obvious reasons, but informed staff at the training center. The training went very well and we got on quite well.

During the introductions I found out that her husband had been killed in Iraq, an incident I actually remembered. How did I feel now? The session ended and I had made a decision to say something, although a little voice in my head was making me feel very sorry for her indeed.

So I told her what I had seen and invited her down to view the damage. I have to say that I was extremely polite and conducted things very carefully. We went downstairs together and examined the damage. I got her to open her door so that I could show her how her door had caused the damage.

Well when we lined the door up with the damaged paintwork and I found that her door was at least four inches from the damage on my car. So although I saw her car door hit my car, she had left no damage. In fact, it would have been impossible for her car to have caused that damage.

I could not have been more relieved, we had a conversation and then she went on her way and I had found some new damage.

In conclusion This incident taught me some lessons and also showed that me that my quest to improve my own personal development was very much on track.

The lessons I learnt were as follows:-

1. That you must never jump to conclusions, always investigate first.

2. That you must always try to stay calm when your natural tendency is to attack, shout or be aggressive in any form.

3. That I may not necessarily have agreed with the Iraq war but I have the utmost respect for the military for their sacrifices

4. That people are very much more important than possessions.

I actually feel extremely humbled by the whole experience.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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