What Is Working Now For You?

What Is Working Now? Keep Asking That Question

I bet you are thinking why is the title, what is working now,  written that way. Well, that is the power of SEO and is a keyword phrase. Now hopefully SEO is one of the things that is actually working and you can use effectively to rank your blog entries much higher in google.

So. let’s get into the meat of the subject.

This is the first day of the new year and you should be getting right into whatever it is you have decided to get on with, whether that is a hobby, studying, or a new business opportunity.

what is working now

So entrepreneurs let us say that we are going to or have started a new business opportunity. What is going to be some of the things that we need to pay attention to during the next year?

1. Passion

You see if you do not have a passion for whatever it is that you are starting, stop. It isn’t worth doing, is it. To become excellent at anything requires you to be passionate. Passion is the critical component to your success

2. Work

There will be work involved in what you are doing, but make sure that you work to a great plan. You must become a smart grafter and eliminate time wasting. Know what you have to do and do not let things like emails, Facebook or Twitter take you away from what you want to do unless these are for productive reasons.

3. Focus

Now we know that we require passion and the desire to work, we now need to develop a laser focus on what needs to be done. Most people never develop the ability to zero in on what needs to happen in order for them to be successful.

4. Push

There will come a time during your pursuit of excellence that you will need to up your game and push harder. So you now move from doing what is required to doing whatever it takes to get there so be ready to increase the speed and build huge momentum.

5. Ideas

Innovation and creativity must be on the fast track. Always be on the lookout for new ways of doing things and new ideas. Be flexible in this area, be alive and totally aware of some of the things that can boost your business. Stay sharp and do not allow indifference or laziness to creep in.

6. Improve

You should always be looking to improve the way you do things. Never be totally satisfied with the way things are. Keep tweaking things like your goals, plans, personal development and your professionalism etc.

7. Serve

You must find out what the market wants and supply what people want, it is that simple. As Jim Rohn said, “You must find a way to serve the many. Because of service to many leads to a fortune.” So serve first and then fortune second.

8. Persist

So you can have all of the right intentions, goals, and focus, but if you don’t learn this last one you can forget it. Persistence and consistency are without doubt two of the most vital factors to be successful in any venture.

Flaming enthusiasm, backed up by horse sense and persistence, is the quality that most frequently makes for success.

In conclusion
So what is working now?
It is what you choose to do and how you work at it, that will answer that question.
This is the first day of the new year, you can embrace it and do something with it or you can waste it. It is your choice, my friend. Good Luck!!!

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


What is working now?