What Is Your Desire Level?

What Is Your Desire Level?

What is your desire level? I would say that LACK OF DESIRE is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t do so well in their quest for anything worthwhile in life. It’s not just a case of wanting something, work a bit and you will get it.what is your desire level

You have to DESIRE it, you must want it so bad that it becomes a NECESSITY, something you must have no matter what. Your desire MUST come from within, it comes from INSIDE not outside.

DESIRE is a very PERSONAL matter and it has to be TRIGGERED in some way. Either through DESPERATION or INSPIRATION. I prefer the latter.

There is no telling what will turn you on to achieve your DESIRE. Maybe you have read a great book, listened to a CD or watched a DVD, that was inspiring. It may be a specific event or a conversation with a friend, family member or business colleague, who knows.

There is absolutely NO CURE for LACK of INSPIRATION. Welcome every HUMAN EXPERIENCE because you never know which one is going to turn it on.

So make sure life touches you regularly. As Jim Rohn used to say, ‘If you are not inspired I hope a wagon comes down your rut.’ (or similar)

So without DESIRE you are going nowhere. If you are in NETWORK MARKETING, INTERNET MARKETING or MLM and you are not inspired then get out of it quickly and find something that you can develop INSIRATION and DESIRE.

Paul Bursey 


To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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What is your desire level?