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Return On Investment For Training?

Getting a return on investment for training is very important, but it has to take it’s place behind a massive action plan. I hope you all agree with that. Some people become training junkies. We see it all the time, in the local gym and we also come across it a lot in the network marketing industry. You need to build up your skills, expertise and knowledge, as long as you are making sales and recruiting new people.

You Must Balance Training With Action

So, training is not an excuse not to get stuck in on what you need to do to make money and be successful. I see it more as an extension and improvement to your business. Yes, there should be a return on investment for training, but not at the expense of showing your business opportunity to a new prospective partner or partners on a regular basis.return on investment

If you set aside 2 hours a day to talk to new people and do the necessary follow ups, then ensure you keep to that, but if you also want to learn how to market on Facebook, for instance, then set aside some extra time, possibly an hour a day to achieve that. 

“Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge; let your learning lead to action.” Jim Rohn

There are many different areas in your business where you must pay attention to. Do your best not to mix them up together, because the results will become diluted and ineffective.

So What Return On Investment For Training Could You Receive?

Well the obvious one will be a financial ROI, assuming you are implementing some effective strategies into your business plan and executing those plans efficiently and consistently. But other returns could be measured by improvements in performance, attitude, posture, knowledge of a specific subject, such as video marketing. 

Several critical areas where you should see a tremendous change are the areas of self image, leadership and confidence. If you are following and spending your time with the great leaders and involving yourself in powerful training programs, then the returns you will get will be priceless.

In Summary

Training to me should be an important part of everyone’s network marketing career and there must be a return on investment for training. Spending time around outstanding leaders and action takers will pay off handsomely for you in the long run, but not if you are going to hide within the meeting schedule and conference calls and think that these are income producing activities, because they are not. 

You must come out of your shell or foxhole and get to where the rubber meets the road and that is one to one, face to face with your prospect, either in their presence or on the telephone. There is no other way to build a network marketing business successfully.

By all means make sure you get a  return on investment for training,  but get uncomfortable, get out of that comfort zone, sweat a lot and learn the hard way. Call that prospect and talk to them.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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