What Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

So What Is The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

A person’s jigsaw puzzle is either complete or incomplete, so how would you describe yours? If a person’s puzzle is incomplete, what is the missing piece or pieces? The jigsaw puzzle I refer to is a distributor’s network marketing business and how well they are coping with all the different aspects of that business. There are many parts of a thriving network marketing business that need to be working, in order for the achievement to take place.

There could be one thing missing or quite a few. It depends on who that person is, their experience and where they are with their business. Some people are absolutely fine with all of the individual areas that they should master, in order to succeed, but others appear to struggle with certain parts. 

For example, a lot of people struggle with these areas, lead generation, prospecting. follow up/follow through and closing the sale. So how would someone bridge that gap or solve the problem(s) that they may be having?

Well, one of the ways is to find a person, maybe an upline leader, within your organization, who is King or Queen at lead generation and ask them personally if that is the challenge. I find that most people seem to see this as a major hurdle and people must learn to overcome this if they are to progress in network marketing.missing piece of the puzzle

This was my missing puzzle piece or pieces and people have to understand that it doesn’t take very much to move from student to master if you move today and not procrastinate any longer. 

It seems to be a very simple thing to do, but most people would not seek out an expert and ask them straight out. I would strongly advise anyone who is struggling in this specific area, to do just that. Bite the bullet and ask. Also avoiding paying for leads from lead vendors, at all costs.

If a person is not very good at talking to people and knowing what to say, then I would suggest finding and working with an extremely competent and skilled person, who can guide assist, coach and mentor them.

I personally found my missing piece of the puzzle when I was introduced to the website of Michael Oliver from http://NaturalSelling.com I listened to Michael on a conference call and joined his free newsletter. I was on his list for three years and loved his stuff.

When I wanted to become more professional and step up a level of my communication and dialogue with other people. I purchased CDs and a powerful book for some for a small amount of money. In other words, the cost was minimal, but the value was immense and the material was worth thousands of dollars to me.   

The great thing was that Michael covered the other three areas that I was lacking in, which were prospecting, follow up and closing the sale. So would I suggest paying for a mentor, like I did (book and CDs), absolutely yes and do it now, so you don’t waste any more time?

Because all you need is to work on these skills to help your business mushroom and put yourself far ahead of the pack with your network marketing business.

So let me talk to you personally here and take a look at yourself and your business. Find out what the missing puzzle pieces are in your network marketing business and your skill sets and start to become a professional as soon as possible.

I can promise you that this could be the answer for you moving forward, so whatever you do get moving now because the longer you leave it, the more chance there is that you will quit. Follow this advice and gain great insight, knowledge and unbelievable confidence.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

The missing piece of the puzzle.

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