What Is The Difference Between Success And Failure?

Success And Failure Are Separated By Small Margins

I think for some people the gulf between success and failure is immense, huge and unbridgeable. WHY? Because those people do not possess the drive and determination required to succeed. They will not commit themselves to a worthwhile project, business or sport. They will not go that extra mile and do whatever is needed.

success and failureFor top business people, athletes and the very best out there, the margins of error are so small, that losing is a painful experience, not only mentally but financially also.

So is there much difference between success and failure when we talk in monetary terms? Not always, but in sport it can have a tremendous impact on your bank account if you finish in second place, instead of first place. 

So you have the people at the top of their game and we have the other end of the scale where those people will never be a success at anything. In the middle is this vast majority of the crowd who have the ability to achieve massive success, if they tweak their performance and attitude.

There is a way of achieving results beyond your wildest expectations.So what is the definition of success for you as an individual? How can you bridge the gap and make up the difference between success and failure?

It may mean that you have to increase your output and put in more effort. Your margin of victory could be greater than you think. Do you believe that you can actually win in the game of life?

We can apply this extra effort or increase this output every day on our journey to winning. Imagine your possibilities by putting forth this extra sweat equity? How far can you go?

Your professional development can actually mushroom if you invest in your most valuable asset YOU.

So make a commitment TODAY to up your game and bridge the difference between success and failure. It is your very own responsibility to yourself to do the very best that you can do for YOU.  

It is your life and you are absolutely responsible for YOUR own results in life. Results that can take you wherever you want to go.

The first part of the equation is knowing that you can be successful in your life and you can stretch and make the difference between success and failure. It is YOUR choice. It is up to you.


To Your Future


Paul Bursey