What Have You Learned Today?

So What Have You Learned Today?

Everybody has a completely different view on learning new material or in fact reviewing the old stuff. Some people love to soak up information, whilst others shun it. What about you. What Have You Learned Today?

Now no-one is saying that training takes the place of action, because it can never do that.. However learning is vital, but must always take second place behind massive action.

Do You Know Everything?

Are you one of these people who know all there is to know? I doubt it very much. Everyone needs to refresh themselves occasionally, some more than others. Learning should be a supplement that assists and improves your growing business skills.

The key is to use the time that is normally wasted during your day. Five minutes here and ten minutes there, will suffice.

The trick is utilizing the time when you are driving in your car or traveling on public transport to enable you to keep up to date with your training needs. Learning can also come in the form of on the job training, tweaking and testing, getting better at what you do.what-have-you-learned-today

In Summary

You must never stop quenching your thirst for knowledge. We all need to stay sharp by reviewing the necessary information and training available. Ask yourself regularly, “What have I learnt today?”

Increasing your knowledge base and expanding your mind continuously is the way forward, as long as you actually take care of the income producing activities first. Learning can be exciting and rewarding as long as it leads to action and doesn’t replace it.

There are some things you don’t have to know how it works – only that it works. While some people are studying the roots, others are picking the fruit. It just depends which end of this you want to get in on. Jim Rohn

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

What have you learned today?