What Drives You To Succeed?

So, What Drives You To Succeed?

Have you ever thought about what drives you, maybe you have or maybe you haven't, but it would be interesting to know, wouldn't it. Different things affect different people in all sorts of ways and there are no rights and wrongs here, just what motivates you to succeed.

For you it may well be the driving force of doing it for someone else, like a partner or family. But for you it could be that you just have a determined inner drive that propels you into building outstanding momentum with your endeavour.

Knowing what drives you is just about knowing what makes you tick and what your hot buttons really are. 

These mental triggers or hot buttons, as we call them, are the keys to achievement, because these reasons, which are sometimes nitty gritty reasons, are the things that will keep you at it when the chips are down or things are not going that well.

So it becomes extremely important for you to understand what your burning desires are, identify them clearly, so you can utilize them to the fullest.

I say this because there are people who start to create, innovate and build successful businesses and they do not really know why. This is great early on, but when things start to go downhill, they may well wither, die and quit, mainly because they do not have these wants or desires to fall back on. In other words they can lose they way when the going gets tough, because they do not really know why they are hitting hard in the first place.

There are occasions when people's motivation is just money, but if that is all they want, then they may lose their tenacity when they have made some good money and because they get bored. what drives you to succeed

I think to succeed generally (not in all cases obviously) you must have a higher reason to keep plugging away, something powerful that you can draw on, after a succession of rejections. That has to be something more than money alone, in my opinion.

So I would suggest finding out what drives you and has you getting up extra early or staying up to the wee hours, when everyone else is sleeping or just out enjoying themselves, leaving you behind.

As Jim Rohn says, 'Reasons make the difference in results.' He goes on to say, 'Find out what's got you turned on.' and use these strong inner reasons to shoot you to the stars even further than you are already.

Here is a suggestion, to find out what drives you. Take some quiet time to be alone, maybe very early one morning and think about what or who is most important in your life and become ever so grateful that they are there in your world. 

Once you can identify what drives you, I promise you will never stop or slow down and there will never come a time when you lack for reasons.that move you forward constantly. This will allow you to pour on the juice (persistence), which will create rapid growth for you consistently.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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