Full Time Commitment

What Does Full Time Commitment Mean?

Full time commitment will mean different things to different people and so it should. Now I fully agree that we should play full out in our chosen business opportunity, but never try to copy anyone else, because your own personal situation is unique to you. 

A lot of people start a home business with dreams of quitting work and enjoying the fruit of their labors, but sometimes it is not as easy as that. A full time commitment is required from every person who wishes or dreams of being a success.

Jim Rohn calls it 'designing a life,' rather than accepting one's lot in life. You can control what you do with your 168 hours per week and not anyone else. 

If I decide to work my home business twenty hours a week, then that is my choice. My full time commitment to my business is twenty hours a week. Now, it is my choice to work those hours and I may change the amount of hours at any time to suit my own situation at any given moment and I will. Am I prepared to double my efforts at some stage, you bet.

full time commitmentNow think about your situation for a moment. You may work a 40 hour work week in your chosen career or job, which becomes maybe 50 plus hours with the commute. So there are two questions which come up for me in relation to full time commitment.

Ask yourself this question first, 'What do I really want from my life?' It is crucial for you to answer this for yourself before you move on any further. Once you have the answer to this question, you will know what you really want to do with your life. This question is massive, because it will cover absolutely every aspect of your life and how you want it to turn out and It will take quite some time working all this out, possibly. 

The next question you want to answer is this, 'How much time am I prepared to invest in my future?' 

You may need to discuss this with a partner, significant other or upline leader to enable you to arrive at the right amount of hours for you.

When I was training for the marathon I was working 50 hours a week and had to add my commute to that, which was about 2 hours a day. Did I have a full time commitment to my career, absolutely. In addition to that my training on five to six days a week consisted of 1 to 3 hours a day running. Now would you say I had a full time commitment to my training? I would, definitely.

As I said before your situation will be unique to you and you must work out all of the details for you and your current situation, taking into account your family, partner and the commitments that you already have, before deciding how to structure your week, to enable you to fit in your new endeavor. 

So in my opinion the comment 'full time commitment' is an attitude and not an amount of time. It is very personal to you and it will represent what you want it to represent. 

The thing is you will know whether you have made a full time commitment to your new venture of not. You will have to work this one out for yourself, but with assistance if you need it. 

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

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