Your Expectations

What Are Your Expectations?

When I am asking this question, 'What are your expectations?' I am relating this to your network marketing business.

Are your expectations too high or too low? Do you put too much pressure on your business to produce, thereby making you ineffective? 

We all have expectations from many different things, such as people, our careers, family, partners, business and ourselves. But do we actually live up to our own expectations or do we expect too much from other people and things in general?

Personally I now expect the very best from myself and life, but I also understand that sometimes it rains when you don't have an umbrella with you. So when it does rain, I do not get annoyed. I just get wet, smile and think of the film, 'Singing in the rain.' and no I do not start dancing and singing, but it doesn't bother me as i accept it is just one of those things. your expectations

As far as expectations are concerned, there are some things you can control and a lot of things you cannot control. I cannot control the weather, but I can control myself. I expect the sun to shine, but living in London you have to accept that it may not happen that often.

Do You Have To Lower Your Expectations?

With your network marketing business I don't think you have to necessarily lower your expectations, but you have to know where you are going, you must be determined to get there, it is advisable to fully understand your business opportunity and be prepared to do whatever it takes to succeed. 

There are some people who have massive expectations, but then proceed to do absolutely nothing or very little and expect great results, it just isn't going to happen like that. 

If your expectations are extremely high, then you have to raise the bar in relation to what you do, if you are to bridge the gap between your expectations and your outcome.

Are You Going To Meet Your Expectations?

I cannot answer that question for you. Only you can do that, as you have full control over your actions, thoughts and attitude. So are you going to meet your expectations? Yes, if you will do certain things, which include associating with winners and leaders. Are you going to do this?

Is It Advisable To Manage Your Expectations,

I am not sure that you can actually manage your expectations, but I can suggest developing a massive action plan and getting on with your business in a big way. That means you have to stop yapping about it and do it. Expectations are great, but they will be useless with rapid and huge action on your part.

Can You Exceed Your Expectations

Yes of course, you can knock the ball out of the park and far surpass your expectations. But you must become a doer, someone who shoots for the stars and not a procrastinator who sits on the sidelines and just grumbles.

I believe that you should always seek to exceed your expectations in all that you do. It will make you feel really good about yourself and what your are doing and it will be totally worth it, not only in how it will make you feel, but I bet you it will make you more money in the long run. If you have customers, they will love you, because you would have gone that extra mile for them as well. So it becomes a win win situation for everyone involved.

In Summary

So in answer to the question, 'What Are Your Expectations?' it is something for you to answer to person in the mirror and then be true yourself by delivering the results.

Always have great expectations and expect nothing less than success in all that you are engaged in, especially your business opportunity.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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