What Are the Essential Entrepreneurial Skills

Essential Entrepreneurial Skills You Should Acquire?

Well I am sure that there are many facets to being a successful entrepreneur and the essential entrepreneurial skills would add up to many, but there appear to be certain skills that stand head and shoulders above the crowd.

So I have come up with 7 essential entrepreneurial skills which I believe are crucial components in an entrepreneur’s drive to realize his or her true potential.

1. An Unshakeable Winning Mindset

The first area where an entrepreneur needs to get it right is in their head. Because if he or she does not crack this skill, then maybe the remainder will be a pipe dream and not a reality. The entrepreneur expects to get results 100% of the time but learns to accept setbacks with a smile and steely determination.

You have to think like an absolute winner all of the time. Develop the unbreakable mindset that you have won already and you will do whatever is required and much, much more besides.

You need to be standing in the gold medal position before you start out. In other words most definitely be the person who has won before he has started the race. Then you will do what a champion does and lastly will have the rewards that go along with it. BE DO HAVE!

2. Extremely High Vibrations

Vibrations go hand in hand with a mindset and to be a highly successful entrepreneur your vibrations must be off the chart. So when you speak to or are around others, your positive excitement must rub off on those people, making you an irresistible person to be around.

Another word that attaches itself to vibrations is posture. In other words, you act like a winner and you will be seen as a leader in your field and people will be drawn towards you magnetically. So you must give off the right vibes, these vibes are essential. Body language, excitement, and your visual appearance also come into the mix.

To be able to control their high vibrations an entrepreneur would also have to be developing his or her mind constantly with superb personal development and being watchful of the type of inner self-talk that they inflict upon themselves on a day to day basis.

3. Fast Decision Making

The successful entrepreneur will make a decision or decisions at lightning speed and not wait around dithering, delaying or waiting for manana.

Also, the enlightened entrepreneur will not only make decisions very quickly indeed and will not reverse his or her decision very often and then probably reasonably slowly unless they find themselves in a cul-de-sac or having made a clear and incorrect decision.

4. Quick Fire Rapid Action

An essential skill of an entrepreneur is the ability to act immediately. They will not wait for the perfect conditions to act. This ability of just getting on with it and becoming persistent is sometimes the difference between the courageous winner and the also-ran.

In the end, all you have is the skill of being an action taker. Most people never acquire this simple trait, they talk and talk, but never do. So just don’t wait around, move onwards and upwards.

5. Satisfy Thirst Through Continual Knowledge

Personally, I found this a difficult area to master. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to learn new things and keep updated, but I found that I would buy excellent courses and start them. I found that I wasn’t consistent in the way that I used the courses. I would start and then get bored or sidetracked. Now I have cracked it and I am able to listen to whole courses right through and more than once.

This area that takes in your consistent education is vital and another essential component in your drive to become the best at what you do. Definitely, an area not to be ignored, if you want to progress. Again, most ordinary people cannot be bothered to even start education on their necessary subjects and areas required to succeed.

6. Amazing Communication Skills

This is another absolutely critical area where you need to pay particular attention and improve daily.

Communication is one of those subjects that covers many different topics, such as dialogue, the ability to affect people with your words and actions. This subject ties in well with an entrepreneur’s vibrations and must be mastered if the individual wants to become a continuous winner in the game of life.

One of the biggest areas to develop is the ability to become a great listener so that the entrepreneur is paying attention to what a person is saying and not just waiting to pounce.

The professional entrepreneur will be able to speak one to one to peoples as well as developing the ability to speak to a large audience in various environments and settings.

7. Outstanding Ability To Create Effective Plans

The successful entrepreneur must be a master of meticulous and effective planning. The must know all of the angles, scenarios and their respective business back to front.

So for example, if they were going to create a blog, then they would have to have all the pieces of the jigsaw together i.e an excel spreadsheet with all keywords, categories etc.

The ability to plan well is so important because this would have a very big impact on their daily, weekly and monthly action plans etc.

In Conclusion

To be a professional entrepreneur in 2012 will take a tremendous amount of dedication bordering on obsession. Having said that you should never ignore all areas of your life such as family, partner, social, career, finance and exercise/nutrition etc.

By all means work hard, but take care of business elsewhere, otherwise, you will have the money, but no-one to share it with. Essential entrepreneurial skills are crucial but never ignore the other parts of your life as well.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


Essential entrepreneurial skills.

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