Characteristics Of A Champion?

What Are The Characteristics Of A Champion?

I suppose there are many characteristics of a champion that we could speak about and here a few that maybe you haven't thought about.

They Are Ordinary People 

Yes they are ordinary people, usually, but they normally have an extraordinary desire to excel, to reach out and stretch towards goals that would make the average person shudder. They are prepared to go to that place, where we would not have even thought of going. They are tenacious to the point of obsession.

In fact they thrive like no other when confronted  with any adversity, tremendous challenges, massive hurdles and insurmountable obstacles. They just relish the fight, the struggle and the eventual unbelievable breakthrough.characteristics of a champion

They Just Know In Their Mind

Now I incorporated two photographs on this page of Serena Williams and Roger Federer for two main reasons.

1) Because they are both Multiple Champions in their sport and they have won between them over 40 Grand Slam Titles 

2) Because they have both won the biggest tennis title again, in the last few days, so it is fresh and in the minds of people

They are both supreme champions, but go about their business in different ways. Serena Williams explodes with power, aggression and overwhelms her opponent, whilst Roger Federer grinds his opponents down with careful probing, selection of shots and relentless rallies. But on nearly all occasions, they both know in their own mind that they are going to win.

Both players are totally committed and display outstanding skills and unimaginable power. A champion has to control his or her emotional intelligence and these two it better than anyone else. When they make a mistake, they reset the direction finder and get back on track immediately.

characteristics of a championBoth are arguably the best tennis players that the world has ever seen, although both can show weaknesses and have done, they know how to bounce back, no matter what the challenge is. Sometime it is confidence, sometimes it is a medical reason or on occasions a mental reason. The key is though they know in their own mind that they are the best.

They Need To Be Able To Keep Going Up The Gears

Champions need to be able to change things up at will and move up and down the gears when it is required. 

The ability to hold yourself in check and play within yourself, is crucial when you play sport, because what they also rans either do not understand or are incapable of understanding, is that you cannot be at a heightened level of alert 100% of the time. 

People like Federer and Williams can call on this higher power source when it is required or demanded, not everyone can do this. I made a point of watching Federer when he was playing both Djokovic and Murray and he controlled his attitude and power throughout.

Federer's ability to change up the gears was evident for everyone to see. He just does it better than anyone else. His self control is amazing, because he very rarely gets ruffled and upset.

I would liken it to driving a sports car, because you do not drive at the same speed all of the time. You use the accelerator when it is required and you have to vary the pressure on it, to get the required result.

Now I am certain that there are many characteristics of a champion that we could have discussed and wanted to attempt to put a slightly different slant on things. There is one thing that I think we all agree on here and that is that champions are remarkable people because they choose to be different and elevate themselves to a completely unique level of operation. They basically don't just do what is required, they push themselves to elite status and it shows through.

A true champion can adapt to anything. A true champion will fight through anything. 

Floyd Mayweather, Jr. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Characteristics of a champion