What Are People Looking For?

So What Are People Looking For Emotionally From Network Marketing? 

Although many people will not admit it and even if they did, they may not understand it fully. Network marketing can provide certain emotional needs for a distributor. These are universal needs that people are looking for emotionally from many different areas of life and business.

So if that is the case, what emotions or needs can be met by this crazy business model?

Possibly To Be Recognized

The wonderful and wacky world of network marketing gives us plenty of opportunity to receive recognition, appreciation and awards. It is a personal choice, whether the individual wants to enter into the competitive arena and work towards rank advancement within their business opportunity, but it does make life more fun to achieve and be recognized. What are people looking for really?

Remember that ego is waiting to destroy you if you let it and when you receive an award, you will most likely be indebted to many people. So although it is you that is called up on stage to receive the ward, ensure that the praise is distributed evenly. So share the love.what are people looking for

They love To Be Challenged

Personally I am like a lot of people who just love a challenge, especially when someone says, “You can’t do it.” OR “It is not possible.” I wish I was being challenged every day, because I perform at my best when put under the spotlight.

In network marketing distributors are offered many incentives and competitions, so the question for you is, “Are you up for the challenge?” Challenges make life far more exciting and the chances are you will make more money. 

To Be Amongst Positive People

Having just watched 17 days of the outstanding London Olympics, it was like spending an amazing time around a large group of positive happy people. There is nothing better that to spend time around bubbly, enthusiastic, like minded forward thinkers. I hope you agree. What are people looking for, an uplifting experience?

Network marketing seems to attract positive people and appears to repel negative people, mainly because the negative ones just don’t seem to stay around very long. So if you prefer to talk to doers and action takers rather than wining moaners, then network marketing maybe for you. there is nothing better than to associate yourself with winners and a healthy growing environment.

To Be Acknowledged

It is great when your peers and team mates acknowledge you as a person and as a leader. Being acknowledged is a big part of the feel good factor, that most of us work towards developing. Being noticed for basically doing a good job or just being a part of a solid group is absolutely brilliant for the psyche.

To Have A Sense Of Community

Most of us need to be part of something bigger than ourselves. Not everyone agrees with this of course, but a vast majority of people enjoy being involved with others as part of large organizations, which allow individuals to take part, grow and achieve within an organised framework.

Network marketing can and will provide a fantastic sense of community for individuals, as long as those people play their part, they participate and contribute. 

So in closing network marketing has many flaws, but it can be a place where people can make money, improve communication skills and improve such things as personal development, if they commit to getting involved or fully engaged and taking part as a full member, rather than standing on the sidelines.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

What are people looking for emotionally?

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