Weakness Of Desire Doesn’t Cut It

Weakness Of Desire Requires Urgent Repair

Weakness of desire is the beginning of the failure trail. I believe in action creates results but there are two other critical areas to consider before embarking on a massive action plan.weakness of desire

Firstly, knowing your outcome, your very own personal reasons why you are doing what you are doing. Secondly, the reason behind this blog entry, desire, your desire. A lack of, or weakness in this specific area, is the beginning of the end for your dreams and ambitions.

If you do not have a strong will and determination backed up with an incredible desire to do well, then I think that you know your outcome before you start. There is no excuse for a lack of desire and there probably isn’t a cure. Desire links very closely to passion.

So the question I would ask is this, ‘What are you passionate about that brings out the desire to do well? For some of you this isn’t a problem, but for others, it seems there is no hope for you unless you get fired up about something. I mean, really fired up, you know that point where you say to yourself.

I have had it with not having enough money each month. This is not going to happen ever again. There is an abundance of wealth just waiting to be shared with you next year. So think about what you want in the coming 12 months. I hope that desire is not one of those areas that you struggle with moving forward.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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