We Believe What We Tell Ourselves

So Do We Believe What We Tell Ourselves?

We have to accept that we do listen to our own self talk,  we believe what we tell ourselves and we do this, sometimes 16 hours of the waking day. Within a short space of time we could be ruining our mind and thought patterns with certain media, that is basically toxic and killing us psychologically as well as medically.

What Happens When We Sleeping?

Who knows what happens when we are asleep, but if you have spent the last day feeding yourself negative garbage,it makes sense that your mind will be mulling this all over when you are asleep, possibly multiplying it and getting it ready to add it to the next day's torrent of person attack and abuse.

So if we believe what we tell ourselves, so why wouldn't you want to have some happy positive stuff filtering through your mind? It is my strong suggestion that we quit firing cruise or tomahawk missiles at our brain and replace those items with some stuff that makes us laugh and smile.

Now everyone is different and allows various things to seep into their mind, but the sad fact is most of us either watch rubbish on the box or speak to ourselves in a harsh way during our day.

In Time We Accept Anything As Fact

We believe what we tell ourselves and I can guarantee that you will start to accept something as fact, if you see , speak or hear it regularly over a long period of time. They say that a new habit can be formed between 21 to 30 days and some people have watched that same soap opera for in excess of 10 years. 

Remember this it takes a whole lot of doses of positive material to eliminate or nullify one piece of negative input. I think that should be worrying for a lot of people out there. Remember we believe what we tell ourselves

Would You Knowingly Ingest A Poison

Let me ask you a question here. Would you knowingly or intentionally ingest a deadly poison, knowing that over time it would definitely kill you? On the face of it, you would always answer no of course. But we do that with our self talk, which is like insidious poison that filters through our body's systems and causes all sorts of damage, both mentally and physically.

we believe what we tell ourselves

Many years ago I laughed at the flower power era and thought they were nuts. Now I am not so sure, because they had a lot of things right, apart from the drugs. They had a chilled out way about them, they were cool and at peace with themselves and with the world. I have to say I am leaning more towards a peaceful life all round now and learning to be kinder to myself verbally and mentally. Remember we believe what we tell ourselves.

Jim Rohn asked three questions related to the subject of who we associate with, which would have a similar effect on our mind. He said, "Who am I around?" "What are they doing to me?" and "Is that okay?" I would replace the first two questions with, "What am I reading, watching and listening to?" and "What effect are they having on me?"

In Summary

Closely examine what you read, what you listen to and what you watch. By all means feel free to do whatever it is that you want, because it is a free world. If you want to read Mein Kampf, then that is your choice, as long as you are aware of how it may well affect you over the days, weeks, months or years ahead. 

I would strongly recommend an alternative and more positive approach of using uplifting and fortifying material to elevate yourself to a higher place, where you can feel good about life generally and where you can be calm and at peace with your world.

Please remember we believe what we tell ourselves.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

We believe what we tell ourselves.

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