Wasted Talent Is A Crime

Wasted Talent: Do You Feel That Your Talent Is Underused?

Wasted talent, it is almost a cliche. Are you one of those people that has been tossed on to the scrapheap at some stage or just feel like you have so much to give? This is a massive problem throughout the industry and corporate life. It doesn’t seem to matter what skills, experience or expertise you have, companies appear to ignore these facts and just seem to either misuse or discard great talent.wasted talent

If it has happened to you then I can imagine how you must be feeling or felt. I worked for the Metropolitan Police for 33 years and ended up as a detective, but in the end, you get pushed into positions that you do not want to be in and they totally ignore or have absolutely no idea what your capabilities and skill sets really are. I have seen this happen on many occasions in the past.

Now, because of the current economic struggles that have been or are taking place, maybe you can have some sympathy for companies that are really struggling to just get by. The worse kind of neglect is where you work for a company and you are extremely skilled at what you do, but the company fails to utilize your talents in the best way and puts you in a post or job that a person with far less ability could do.

This happens to thousands of people all of the time and it dents their confidence in a big way, some never recover. I would be very interested in hearing people’s experiences in this particular area and find out from them how they became a wasted talent.

So what can people who have had this happen to them, do to improve their personal situation? Come back tomorrow and find out.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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