Velocity And Viscosity In Network Marketing. What Does This Mean?

Velocity And Viscosity Matter

Velocity and viscosity refer to pace and excellence.

Velocity is the speed at which you receive or pass on information, gain knowledge and pass it on to your team and rapid growth rate of your personal team. Speed is about fast momentum, setting things on fire.

So the question is, ‘How Fast Is Your Team Growing?’velocity and viscosity

If it is fast then fantastic, you obviously have found the right pixie dust, if it is incredibly slow then you have some work to do. But keep it fun, interesting and exciting moving forward.

The key here is to find or be involved in the type of opportunity/team that is not only professional but has a very smooth in its an everyday operation. Then life becomes a joy where there is an accelerated and robust expansion of your network marketing business.

Viscosity relates to the quality and richness of information and knowledge that passes from the leadership and then cascades down through your team as quick as possible.

It is ok to have the speed in an organization but you must also have excellent quality as well. The higher of quality information received the greater the confidence that will find it’s way into your ever growing team.

So you have to have velocity and viscosity in network marketing to ensure a thriving community or team.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Velocity and viscosity.

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