The Value Of Co-operation. Is It Important?

The Value Of Co-operation. Is It Important?

Geese know the power and the value of co-operation. If you watch the V formation of a gaggle of geese you will notice that there is always a leader at the front. Now, this leader rotates with the other geese on a regular basis. WHY?

It basically boils down to sharing the load evenly and not allowing anyone goose to take the brunt of the wind. The result is all the other geese behind the leader get a smoother ride.value of co-operation

How does this help me? I am a human being not a goose.

Being part of a winning team is extremely important to you whilst you are building your network marketing business. A great group will allow you to grow and become a leader on your own terms. Encouraging you to stretch yourself, but at the same time allowing you to set your own pace.

You can’t always do things on your own. It sometimes takes a great team or group with a collective goal or aims to achieve success.

Take someone like Lance Armstrong (drugs aside). It is his name that is always in the news. When he won the Tour De France (many times) it was his name in lights. But we don’t normally consider the other professionals that make it possible for him to compete and win. The value of co-operation cannot be underestimated.

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