Commute Time: Follow The Masses

So What Is Your Commute Time?

Whatever it is, your commute time really sucks and if you do not think so you are either insane or you have become a sheep or a cow?

Thank the heavens above that I do not have to consider commute time each and every day. Now I am taking London in the UK as the example, but this obviously applies to every big city.

How do you feel about your commute time? Because I did it for one day and I am not doing it again ever.

commute timeSo for you poor sufferers who have an average commute time of 2 hours each way, let us examine your horrendous lifestyle.

First of all you will spend on average 1000 hours a year commuting. 

Secondly you get up at some unearthly hour of the day, maybe 6.00am and leave at 7.00am. You have the choice normally of taking an overground train, underground train, bicycle or car. 

Some people may say, 'I love my job though?' Really? But do you love the commute time though?

Thirdly, whilst commuting, you get to spend some quality time, up close and personal with people. If you are on a train, you do not get to pick which person or persons you stand next to. If you are driving a car you also get to meet some warm people who are gracious enough to make friendly gestures towards you.

If you are on a bicycle (rather you than me) you get to breathe in the good stuff and have the increased chance of having a nasty accident everyday. 

Now assuming that all is well at home and you have had enough sleep the night before, you enjoy this and come back for more 5 days, 48 weeks a year, is that right?

So by the time you get to work you are calm, relaxed and chilled out, is that correct?

Fourthly you then get to enter the arena and for most of you that is a chore in itself. But let us stay away from the actual workplace and the amount of salary that is earned and stick to commute time, because I do not want to have you biting your fist.

Now the reason I wanted to talk about commute time was that today I spent 5.5 hours in my car going to an appointment. No the round trip was only 48 miles, wonderful. Now I am reasonably lucky because I get to drive a brand new Audi TT with air conditioning. 

For a tremendous amount of the journey I spent the time at a near standstill and just burning up an obscene amount of gas/petrol. At 5.5 hours I had reached my boredom and disgusted threshold and never wanted to return to this armageddon.

My point is this, why would anyone do this once, let along 240 times a year for many years? It just does not make sense to spend all that commute time in places that you hate.

The other thing that I noticed was that everyone I came across was miserable, so the commute time most definitely affects the majority of people in a bad way.

Come on people you must have a better plan for your life than that? Do you need an exit strategy? Because commute time is a fate worse than death and it a form of torture. 

If I had that commute time every day I would jump off Big Ben, within a week. Also it is going to get worse with the Olympics arriving soon. They has to be a better way folks.

Hats off to all the bold entrepreneurs out there and for the rest of you I really feel for you and your enforced commute time. But I do have the utmost respect for the commuter and I am not looking to upset you. I just cannot believe that is what you really want.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey 

Attraction Marketing System
What is your commute time.

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