Trust Your Gut And Trust Your Instincts

Trust Your Gut Because It Is Right More Often Than Not

Trust your gut….The words of Lt General Hal Moore. “In the game of baseball three strikes and you are out, not so in the game of life. Three strikes and you are not out. There is always one more thing that you can do to influence any situation in your favour. All you’ve got to do is think.”

“What else can I do?” and after that there is one more thing that you can do and the more one things you can do, the more opportunities open up.

I think what he is trying to say here is that you should never give up and keep finding different ways to achieve your goals.

Next, on the battlefield I always tried to be where the action is going on. I think a battlefield leader has got to lead on a battlefield, his composure, his actions, his voice on the radio, the look in his eyes, and the same goes in the civilian world in many occupations as well.

Hal Moore is referring to pencil pushers who he said had guided him in life and the battlefield and he is stating that he always wanted to be with his men on the battlefield, where he could influence them and lead by example.

trust your gutAnother principle that I have employed all of my life, since before I went to West point, in any situation, you’ve got to think, “What am I doing that I should not be doing?” and “What am I not doing, that I should be doing to put the situation in my favour?” There’s always one more thing.

I believe that Hal Moore is saying here is that you have to keep thinking and remain vigilant to what is happening around you and at the same time stopping things you are already doing that are wrong or not working. At the same time finding things to complete that you may have forgotten to do or realised you should have done. 

and finally, next to last, trust your instincts. I learned early in my life, that your instincts are the product of your experience, your reading, your personality, and throughout my life and particularly on the battlefields of Vietnam and Korea.  I was a Captain, a infantry officer in the Korean War. Trust your instincts and when time is critical, your instincts are your best resource. If your gut tells you one thing and your heart tells you another. I go with my gut, trust your instincts. 

All I can say is after over 30 years serving as a Police Officer, is he is 100% spot on here. 99% of the time when I trusted my gut I was right. 

Ffinally as the song goes I didn’t promise you a Rose Garden. Life is not a bed of roses and you are going to be hit with adversity now and again and when you are hit with adversity. I learned that you’ve got to believe that you will prevail in the end, although it may well be a hell of a problem in between. But believe that you will prevail in the end. The worst adversity a man can have. I lost my wife three years ago, after 54 years, talk about adversity. Walk into an empty house, no fun. But I believe I will see her again.

What an amazing man

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Paul Bursey

Trust your gut