True Leaders Don’t Create Followers

True Leaders Encourage Others To Become Leaders

I must admit that I didn’t realize this for many years, that true leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.

No, we are not saying that the leader is not going to have people actually following them, because there will be many people who are not leaders, but the key is in the headline.

Leaders only work face to face or one to one with those people who deserve their precious time and they cannot waste time with people who are not going to make things happen. Remember the cream will rise to the top in network marketing.

Why Create More Leaders?

True leaders may want to clone themselves, but we all know that this is unwise, unworkable and would stifle creativity, innovation, personality and individual flare.

The question ‘Why Create More Leaders?’ relates to massive duplication and the power of residual income. It is fantastic watching other people flourish as leaders, but we mustn’t ignore the income potential also.true-leaders

Creating more leaders is just plain common sense and a required part of progressing through the pin or rank structure. It is far more fun taking people with you on the journey, rather than sitting on the beach alone.

How Does A Leader Care For The Followers?

The leader must recognize and be aware that a follower can make the decision to switch from follower to rising star at any time, so the leader must have a structure or system that everyone can plug into and grow at their own pace.

By doing this, the leader keeps all the communication lines open, without compromising their valuable time. So that when the student is ready the teacher is already there.

Every person within a team or group is a vital part of the whole, but the leader shouldn’t divert or use individual minutes and hours to work with those people who drain and suck the energy from them. It is a judgement call at the end of the day.

Why Must Leaders Run With The Runners?

In this nano second culture, the pressures of modern day living and the many distractions use up cherished days and weeks. So the wise leader will use various forms of communication and ask their team members quality questions. From this effective and authentic dialogue, the action takers will emerge or identify themselves, enabling careful use of the leaders schedule.

The up and coming leaders will show out like a beacon. It will be the person or couple who responds positively to a question similar to this, “Do you need my help?” The leader is looking to work with people who are producing results, resilient, genuine and hard working.

Another reason why a leader must work with potential winners and the hungry people, is the fact that this is a business and not a hobby. Good business sense requires the leader to prioritize their time and force their calendar by following the money, very simple really.

To Summarize

True leaders must become effective, efficient and organized rapidly. Some of the most profitable ways are to control their budget, be miserly with their time and use their boundless energy in the right areas.

The influential leader will guide, coach and mentor all members of their team to follow a simple and duplicable system. Duplication is true leverage at its best and will allow the inspired leader to work down in their team with the rising stars.

So top leaders must stay alert, keep searching and digging for diamonds in the rough, creating outstanding leaders and not just collecting followers.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System