Tremendous Energy And Excitement Could Be Major Success Factors

The Combination Of Energy And Excitement Will Make A Substantial Difference To Your Business

Well all I can say is that in my experience and from my observations of successful people. I would say without question that energy and excitement are major components or factors of achievement, especially in the world of network marketing.

So who would you rather be around, someone who has to be dragged everywhere moaning, griping, whining and lacks any get-up and go or the person who is energetic and like a pinball wizard, moving with gusto and purpose? let me think about that one for a minute. Displaying great energy and excitement should be on the fast track for anyone who wants to excel at anything.

If you were to spend time with a child, would it be more pleasant to be around a child who was crying and throwing himself on the floor at every opportunity, because they cannot get their own way or would you prefer the be around the child who is of a happy disposition, always displays enthusiasm, excitement and is a joy to spend time with? Again I think it is an easy choice between energy and excitement over dull and and excitement

Now take inventory of yourself. Are you happy and fun to be around or are you a grump who complains constantly? Hopefully, this had made you think a bit about who you really are and how you come across to others.

Hopefully we all love to be around those people who make us laugh, smile and feel good, when we are in their presence. You know those people who show an unbelievable amount of energy and are excited by the simplest of things or almost anything that life has to offer.

Well, in your home business, the traits or outward expressions of energy and excitement are crucial for you to display yourself and for your team members also. People just love to be around others who make their lives just that bit more enjoyable.

Can you imagine your favourite sports star showing a lack of energy and saying, 'I can't be bothered.' OR an entertainer or singer who is unexcited about performing? The bottom line is this that on most occasions energy and excitement will directly affect your pay packet at the end of the day because you will be in demand and not shunned.

My advice to anyone who remains uninspired when involved in a hobby, sport, business or endeavor is for them to get out of it as quickly as they possibly can if they cannot show any eagerness or inspiration to remain involved. Because to be fair no-one would want them there anyway and it would only dampen the spirit of others if they stayed.

There is absolutely no place for people who bring everyone else down with their negative attitudes and words. I do not want to be around such people and hopefully, you feel the same as well.

They will make you feel bad and drag you down to their level quickly. They are energy robbers who will sap and suck the life from you, if you choose to pay attention to them and spend time with them. So release them from your life and hopefully they will realise that this is the case and they go and do something about their demeanour and outlook on life before returning.

I have decided that energy and excitement are for me, anything else is out of my life. I say this because I went through a similar period when I wasn't the best person to be around and it cost me dearly. So if you are in that position, go away and do a lot of personal development before coming back. 

To Your Success

Paul Bursey