Decide And Act To Achieve In Order To Achieve

Decide And Act Now. Don’t Stop And Think About It

The only real way to be successful is to decide and act. Find out what it is that you really want or desire, define it clearly, specifically and then write it down. Then you get into action and start to make it work. Most things are not easy, but are very simple. Decide first and act second.
decide and act

You hear and see the internet gurus talk about making money. They convince you to purchase their amazing products, join their membership sites or become one of their affiliates. But for all their persuasive powers they forget to tell you that the simple things work every time.

I am absolutely amazed that more people do not make money on line or with their network marketing businesses. Why do you think that is? Why do they fail to capitalize on the wonderful opportunities that are made available to them? Possibly they just fail to act.

I think there are several reasons, why individuals remain penniless in the home business industry. I feel that at the beginning most people do not really believe that they can actually pull it off, but they satisfy some of their wants by just joining something.

On a lot of occasions you may well be in the right financial or business opportunity, but you just don’t see it and fail to grab it with both hands and obtain whatever it is that you were seeking in the first place.

To simplify things, it may just be the case that you need to decide and act. In other words just getting on with the business at hand and making it happen, instead of conducting a tremendous amount of research and due diligence. Yes, that is important up to a point, but some people take it too far and do not make money.

To put it another way people fail to take care of the income or revenue producing activities. They know that they need to talk to new people and they just don’t do it. Speaking to new people regularly is one of the best ways to find both new clients and new potential business partners. 

Can you ever understand a network marketer for instance not approaching new people? I know I will never understand that.

So if one of the reasons is a lack of belief, then what could be some of the other reasons?

I think that failure to plan your activities will possibly be one of the big reasons why the average person does not make it in either MLM or the network marketing business. 

But as I have said just decide and act. Make a decision, complete a business plan and then start to build your business fast and not waste any time procrastinating. 

In other words to be able to decide and act, you will need to be trainable and be able to follow a simple proven system to generate leads for your business. 

Accept that it is a numbers game, speak to many people as you can, qualify them by asking excellent quality questions, then get them in front of the information fast and then follow up between 7 – 12 occasions with each person. 

But the most vital component of this whole equation is learning the skill of action, the do it now philosophy. Decide and act today.


To Your Success


Paul Bursey