Think Bigger Be Unreasonable! Abandon Logic

Think Bigger From Today. You Will End Up With Much More

Les Brown says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.” and I think he is right on target when he suggests that we all should have more loftier goals than we do. Think bigger.

To be able to think bigger requires individuals to stretch much further than they have done previously. Why would anyone want to limit themselves and in fact hold back from winning?

Become Inspired By Huge Goals.

Small targets can and will be achieved by people setting uninspired or easily achievable goals, but at what cost to the entrepreneur’s psyche.

Goals should at least be just out of your reach, because goals that are lightly set are freely abandoned when the obstacles and hurdles start stacking up.

To think bigger is exciting and would drive the entrepreneurial spirit inside of us all, to heights unimaginable. But you have got to be hungry for change and success.

By aiming higher and bigger, you set the juices of your mind in motion and you will most probably end up with very much more than you first thought or planned for.think-bigger

To Think Bigger By Becoming Outrageously Unreasonable.

Conventional wisdom, beliefs and thinking will most probably have to be cast aside. Why? Because you haven’t hit large goals before when you were being reasonable, so why remain ordinary now?

By setting enormous goals you are already on the way to becoming totally unreasonable.

You are seriously questioning and attacking the way you have conducted yourself previously.

If your goal was to speak to 10 people, make it 100. You may ask yourself, “How can I do this?

Set this new goal on paper, commit to this fabulous goal, put it up where you can see it all the time and then you will find a way of doing it.

You should feel exhilarated at the thought of approaching 100 people this week. (20 people a day for five weekdays)

Also make an affirmation, “I will speak to 100 people this week.” Say that a few hundred times.

The Last Thing To Do Is Abandon Logic.

Network marketing is a crazy business, because it goes against everything we are taught as children and at school. I would suggest throwing out the old outdated thinking and abandoning all logic.

Thinking big is not logical to the masses.

You must display a degree of vision when thinking bigger and a whole load of courage, because the road will become a rocky one. developing a thick skin will definitely be a massive advantage for your wacky journey.

You will be fighting the norm on a daily basis.

Have bags of patience, persistence and have fun. Understand that network marketing is completely different to anything you have ever done before.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System