Insufficient Time In The Day. Are You Sure?

There Is Not Enough Time In The Day

The subject of ‘insufficient time’ is mentioned all of the time, because most people seem to run out of it at some time during their week and you want to fit your network marketing business into your already busy schedule. It is fun, isn’t it?

It is a fact that busy people get more completed in their day, than anyone else, probably because they keep on the move, knowing that if they stop for a coffee, they may never get up and into action again. 

Personally, I love to work with busy people, because normally they are massive action takers. These are people who do not recognize the term, ‘not enough time.’

We have 7 days a week each, would you agree? Now, this equates to 168 hours, doesn’t it? Yes of course it does. So let us say that we discount sleep time of 56 hours, which leaves 112 hours. When we eliminate 50 hours for work maybe, that leaves us with 62 hours a week. insufficient time

So to cut a long story short you are probably left with somewhere in the region of 10 to 20 hours a week, with which to build your business. But you say there is not enough time, so is that exactly true or accurate? Probably not.

Well, we can all make excuses and say that there is not enough time, but I think this is misguided thinking.

You have to accept that everyone’s life is unique and things like family, children, and other challenges will come into the mix, but we all have the same amount of time and that is not going to change, so what can you do.

John F Kennedy stated, “We must use time as a tool, not as a crutch.”

Well, first of all, you will not build your network marketing business unless you have a strong inner conviction and you are totally committed to your new venture or endeavor. Now, assuming that you realize that it is going to take some graft on your part, you need to take care of the time factor. How are you going to do this?

Treat Your New Business As A Business From Day One

This is crucial if you want to get ahead rapidly. Always see your business as a business and not a hobby. This will be reflected in your results, believe me. 

You must have fun during your work day, but there are times when you need to take things seriously and just buckle down to work. The two areas I would pay attention to are your time and your money. Play loose with your time and it will hurt you down the line, in the form of not reaching your goals within a time frame. 

The other area to pay serious attention to is with your personal and business finances. Keep great records of where your money goes right from the get-go. If you do not do this it will cost you a lot more money in the future.

Become A Ruthless Miser And Organiser With Your Valuable Minutes

You need to become absolutely ruthless with your seconds, minutes and hours if you are to get where you really want to go. Take no prisoners here my friend. Organise your time with exceptional efficiency and effectiveness. Your time is extremely valuable to you, so don’t waste it. 

I will just pick one specific area where you need to be accurate, brief and precise and that is with your dialogue with others, more importantly, your telephone conversations and your face to face time. When you set aside an hour to talk to prospective partners or clients, ensure that this time is used wisely and do not allow idle chit chat to seep into your conversations, keep them on track. 

Let Yourself Become An Effective An Efficient Time Planner

Planning is one of those areas where you should become a professional, because this will direct all aspects of your business time, such as the dialogue you will want to have, as mentioned in the last paragraph.

I am referring here to the time set aside for your day planner, diary or whatever you use to keep track of and plan your day. Again keep solid records of what you intend to do and what you actually do. 

If you have a desk, take a good look at it. In my opinion, you should only have a few things there, possibly a computer, telephone, diary, notebook, pen and an hourglass/egg timer, keep things to a minimum. This will assist you to stay on track, but if you operate well in the mess, leave it.   

Be Wise Who You Deal With

I only have one thing to say here and that is, do not suffer fools and time wasters gladly or you will pay the price big time.

I hope this has been helpful to you. 

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Insufficient time.