There Is No Passion

There Is No Passion To Be Found Playing Small

I have experienced over and over again, that where there is no passion, there is no vitality and growth. Without passion, there are no dreams or excitement forthcoming. With a lack of passion you tend to find that people just seem to drift along, remaining weak and definitely playing small and not full out. The obvious result of that is a lack of cash in the bank. 

When there is no passion, there is usually no investment found, whether that be of yourself or monetary. Playing small is for the vast majority and not the elite few. So decide never to submit to the losers creed, never surrender your dreams to anyone and you must not retreat away being successful, regardless of the circumstances.

You Need To Show Masses Of Courage

What you find is, that where there is no passion there is very little bravery and courage. Playing small is for the average, the mediocre and those with a poverty mindset. It is not that each individual doesn’t have a chance to win, is it? There are no overwhelming odds to battle through in network marketing are there?there is no passion

So from today inject some passion into your life and your business. Get a sense of urgency and make something happen today. Not only do you need passion, but your associates do as well. The key is to be passionate about what you do, only mix with leaders who show great passion and when recruiting, make that a must to find people who display great energy, passion and enthusiasm. Where there is no passion, there are no trophies or medals.

Playing Small Does Not Inspire Anyone 

Would you say that playing small is boring and just makes you yawn. It just doesn’t inspire people and will never motivate you or I to greater things. A lack of motivation and inspiration will destroy a team, organisation or group very rapidly.

Can you imagine Vince Lombardi or Sir Alex Ferguson watching their respective teams during an epic encounter and accepting their players just wandering about, not executing the prearranged game plan and showing no guts and determination. No of course not, I think I can say without hesitation, that these winners would rip into them and demand passion, urgency and commitment.

In Summary

Remember that where there is no passion, there are no winners, period and playing small will get you fired, dropped or let go. So get your passion in action my friends and fire up your engine as soon as possible.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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