The Willingness To Work Is A Crucial Component Of Success

The Willingness To Work Is Expected. Without Graft There Is No Future

My parents taught me to have the willingness to work and I have always lived by that creed, however in these days of success, entrepreneurs and home businesses, is it enough?

Well there is absolutely no doubt that the willingness to work hard is much better than being lazy and showing a lack of desire to expand some effort but do we need to be a little bit more ambitious, intelligent and creative?

So hopefully we all accept that the willingness to work is an important part of most projects, jobs, careers, sports or business building.

The willingness to work hard will pay huge dividends when studying, training, researching or something similar, but there has to be more, doesn't there?

We all see people become superstars in many sports and business, to name just two areas, so why is they are at the top of their game and most others aren't?

The Willingness To Work And The X Factor

If there is an X factor what is and can we all use it to propel ourselves into the big leagues?

willingness to workMaybe it is sheer determination and persistence that sets the champion apart from the majority of hopefuls or it could be that their reasons for wanting to be successful are so strong that they are carried through the times when things don't seem to be going their way.

When I was learning how to control a football I would practice for hours and hours to perfect some skills and it definitely paid of. So no matter how the ball came at me I could control it with my feet, head, chest and legs, it didn't matter. So maybe practice and training are key components as well.

Industrious activity, hard work, lengthy training and energetic motivation came very close to thrusting me into the world of professional soccer when I was given a trial with Chelsea, however it wasn't to be as I was initially selected to go further and then there was a change of mind.

From that moment on I became totally indolent with my efforts in this direction and I received my just desserts, no fame and fortune in soccer. Maybe one of the big keys here was to keep on keeping on. I had the skill but not the tenacity to continue. I most definitely did not have the X factor.

I might be wrong here but I strongly believe that you must have the willingness to work hard first and then you have to train and practice. But then you have to go much, much further if you want to be a champion. 

It is funny as you get older how you start to become wiser and learn how to do things better, smarter and more successfully.

So is it ever too late? Well for my soccer career, yes I am afraid by many, many years, but for you, who knows. I would say for most things other than a sports career. The door is always open for you to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve. The only thing that is stopping you is the limitations that you put on yourself.

In Summary

The X factor that I mentioned can relate to a lot of different headings like persistence, consistency and many more, but I think that the willingness to work hard coupled together with courage, specialised knowledge, being an action taker, using smart thinking and the ability to keep getting up when you have been knocked down, are the real keys to success.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey