Size Of Your Success Is Measured By The Strength Of Your Desire

Size Of Your Success Is Up To You

The size of your success will be determined by the choices that you make and the massive actions that you take. Your success will be propelled forward by your eager wants and strong reasons.

Sometimes, when things get too difficult, your strength of desire is all you will have left to fall back on.

Hopefully the future ace in the pack, accepts life as it is for a very short period of time and then smashes those possible excuses right out of the park, like a baseball or cricket ball.

If you don’t have a compelling objective, aim or purpose, then it will be easy for you to quit at the first sign of trouble or when you are confronted by, what you believe to be an insurmountable obstacle.

You Should Never Rely On Luck

Occasionally a person is lucky and in the right place at the right time or they acquire or inherit a position or receive some good fortune.

In reality though, this just doesn’t happen to ordinary people, it is a very rare occurrence.size-of-your-success

So what does the prospective winner or champion do?

Well, we all have to understand there is never a level playing field in business or sports. Life can be extremely unfair on occasions.

The cream of the crop will be undaunted by all of this and just punch their way  through to their outcome, come what may.

Are You One In A Million?

You can never rely on luck, because this leans more towards the lottery mentality and something for nothing.

You cannot leave your success to chance, you have to force the issue, make things happen and take huge daily action.

The very best entrepreneurs are strong, powerful and develop into an outstanding leaders.

To become one in a million, someone would have to become not only a sparkling individual,but thoroughly professional in every way and servant driven.

To Summarize The Size Of Your Success

If you examine all successful people in this world, it is quite clear that the elite people, are the ones who have the biggest wants, drive and desire in life.

They appear to be able to take anything on and succeed.

The winners consistently show that they can take the hits, setbacks and bounce back.

They also know how to handle the disappointments along the way and not be put off their quest or quit.

There are three questions that you should ask yourself here.

“How much do you want to be successful?”

“How strong is your desire?”

“Are you prepared to handle a series of setbacks, obstacles and numerous hurdles on your journey?”

If you can answer each question positively? Then you will be welcomed into the winner’s circle.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

Size of your success