The Secrets Of A Highly Motivated Team

A Highly Motivated Team Will Stay That Way If The Leader Inspires Them

Is there any luck involved in obtaining and keeping a highly motivated team. Maybe, but I personally believe that you make your own luck in life and business. But when it comes down to the basic things, it is a matter of the numbers, when you break it down. But there are some outstanding things that you can do to ensure a greater degree of success.

The Major Secret In Recruiting Is Selection

I have found that the major key to having highly motivated teams is in the selection process. The enlightened leader
knows that this is a vital stage of getting the right group of people together.

So what should a leader be looking for when choosing prospective partners?highly motivated team

I firmly believe that hunger and ambition have to be two of the first things that should be searched for when qualifying new talent, closely followed by personality and previous success in any field.

If you do not select the right people you will spend your time chasing shadows and you will have to drag people along with you when they should be chasing and surpassing your achievements.

How do you ensure that you find out the correct information from a prospect? 

Ask them quality questions that stretch them and make them think on their feet. Questions similar to this one:-

“if I had a group of six people, why would I choose you?”  OR

“Tell me your top two qualities that make you stand out from the crowd?”

The Golden Secret Key Is Communication

Now that you have completed your selection process and you have made some impressive choices, you now have to plug them into a structured program, a system that has been proven and tested, so that they can ease into their new business effortlessly.

But the real golden key after selection is the quality of communication between the leader and those new individuals, both on their own and within a group setting.

The types of communications should have tremendous variation and consistency in order to cover all eventualities and knowledge.

You need to be a master at promoting excellent incentives, both from the company and yourself, promoting exciting events and also promoting the weekly conference and training calls. So the key here is to promote, promote and then promote some more.

The main company events will be linked together by the regular training, mastermind and group calls. You must get new people plugged into this program as a matter of urgency. 

As a general rule new people will wither and die on the vine if they do not take an active part in events and conference calls. It is that simple.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Highly motivated team