The Secret Of Personal Experience Is Powerful

Personal Experience Is One Of A Kind

The real secret of personal experience amazingly is that it is uniquely yours and no-one can ever change that.

Your own journey, whilst you are building your MLM is and always will be from your perspective only, it is what you see, feel and are individually involved in that makes up your personal experience with your current business opportunity.

It is different for everyone and you need to soak up everything that happens to you on this entrepreneurial adventure, because it is your experiences which combine to create your mindset.

open and friendlyThe key here is to be aware of everything that surrounds and happens to you, so when you bring a new person in, you are more experienced than them, even though that may be just one more day and you can impart that personal experience to them.

A personal experience will be one of many that you enjoy and each one will help add to your confidence and knowledge. Your personal experiences add to the vast collection of events that help to make up who you are as a person.

Now the only way that you will benefit from personal experience is if you are in the game and playing full out. You must have some skin in the game. You must have invested some of your hard earned cash and lots of your precious time for it all to mean anything worthwhile. So many people play patter cake or just dabble with their new venture. Have you done that?

I would encourage you to jump right in and draw everything to you like a big sponge, because you must be completely sold on your project for it to work for you.

So if you haven’t fully engaged in your business, take this opportunity to call your advisor, sponsor or upline and tell them that you want in all the way. This is the best way to learn from personal experience and I can tell you personally it is much more fun.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey 

To Your Success


Paul Bursey