Common Ground

The Search For Common Ground In Network Marketing.

So Paul, what do you mean by the search for common ground?’ Well, hopefully most of us are in this network marketing industry to make a good standard of living, but most don’t, do they? WHY is that?

First of all, I think that most people’s dreams and goals are weak, they have no strength behind their decisions. In other words, they do not have strong feeling or a burning desire. I have spoken about this many times. So ‘the search for common ground’ starts here, because there must be a correlation between your goal, your dream and your outcome. The common ground is the link that drives or propels you forward and it has to be unbreakable.

The Initial Area To Work On Is Recruiting

‘The search for common ground’ must be fluent and smooth in the biggest area of all and that is prospecting, recruiting, follow up and relationship building. This is where being relaxed and calm rules the day, because there are going to be times when you want to scream or bite your fist, but the professional and competent leader should be able to deal with anyone and any situation properly.

The key here is to understand and accept people for who they are and continue ‘the search for common ground‘ regardless of circumstances. What do I mean? common ground

When you are approaching new people, talking to them, taking them through the system and then finally working directly with them, you have to understand that you are building rapport from day one and it is ongoing process which lasts for the whole length of that business relationship.

It is about building a bridge of ongoing communication and removing all and every blockage, hurdle, obstacle and challenge along the way. It is working hard to keep the communication channels open at all costs. This does not mean being weak or compromising your principles.

The Relationship Between Distributor And Sponsor

‘The search for common ground’ infiltrates into every facet of a network marketing business, especially the relationship between sponsor and distributor. Now a lot of people say that it doesn’t matter whether you can work or get on with your sponsor.

On the face of it, they are right, it shouldn’t matter, but in reality that way of thinking is incorrect. It does matter and I believe it is critical (but not necessarily fatal) to be able to sit round the table or spend time on the telephone with your sponsor and find things of mutual benefit, that both parties can relate to. If anyone finds that they relate to another person more, then that is all right, as nothing has to change here.

It makes me laugh when I hear of people jumping ship because they don’t get on or like their sponsor. You should thank them every day for showing and introducing you to your specific business opportunity and learn to be both human and professional about the whole deal.

Your sponsor is great no matter what. I would never change mine and you shouldn’t consider doing that either. Remember you can disagree with your sponsor in private, without being disagreeable. But there is no reason to get angry and you must learn to smile through the pain. (I am laughing)

In Summary

‘The search for common ground’ is a crucial factor or component for every successful network marketing business. The ability to connect with new people and team members are as important as things ever get.

Also the ability to work with other leaders, either upline or outside of your immediate team (joint ventures), is important to, but not nearly as important as what you do with the team you have built or are building.

The bottom line is this ‘the search for common ground’ works most of the time for anyone, it is using good common sense and it is something you will want your team to be aware of and use on a consistent basis in the future, whether it is within their businesses or any other area of their lives.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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