Quest For The Holy Grail In Network Marketing

Quest For The Holy Grail In Network Marketing

The quest for the Holy Grail in the network marketing profession centers around the ability to create duplication and leverage.

The only way you are going to achieve leverage and duplication is if you are worth following and people want to listen to you. It is a very simple principle because people know who you are and what you represent. They will make an educated and intelligent decision about who they want to spend their time with and be influenced for the holy grail

So you have to have principles, beliefs and philosophies need to be simple and must resonate with others. Yes you can have opinions, we all do, but you must not ram your politics or religion down their throats.

You also need to be involved in an honest and ethical business opportunity that you feel good about and others will feel the same. Now we all obviously crave duplication in our businesses but make sure that every action that you take does not harm anyone else. In other words, the more win-win situations you can be involved in the better it is for everybody else.

Never become involved in any shady dealings or with people of a dubious character. Always surround yourself with the very best, the cream of the crop, because everyone needs to be lifted up not be dragged down to a lower level.

If something is worth doing, it is always worth doing it right and not cutting corners. The quest for the holy grail, your search begins with you, then revolves around the actions you take and lastly the people you spend your time around. So make sure you are always working on yourself, making the right decisions and mixing with the elite.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


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