The Power Of Pursuit Is Exciting

The Power Of Pursuit Can Be Exhilarating

When I say the power of pursuit, what comes to mind and what thought does it provoke within your mind?

Hopefully when someone uses that word it makes you think about chasing a thief, or making an impression on a member of the opposite sex. It could be in relation to pursuing your personal ambition or dream.the power of pursuit

Whatever it is, take a few moments and think about the thought(s) it brought back to the surface for you. Do you believe that your dreams are there for the taking, just waiting for you to pluck them from the display? Ok, well maybe that is a bit far fetched but go along with me a bit here and let’s say that your dream is to have your own business and you want that business to produce $20,000 a month, for arguments sake.

Now, you have the opportunity presented to you and you think, ok, this is for me and you start on your quest. But after a few months, not much has happened and you decide to quit. Why would you do that? Maybe you have the necessary desire but is it really enough?

The answer to that is a definitive NO. So you I absolutely love the idea of being in business for yourself and want X amount of money per month, isn’t a desire sufficient to drive me forward. No, it isn’t.


As Jim Rohn said, Reasons make the difference in results. So spend sometime looking at what you want the money is for. The reasons must inspire you and you must feel totally passionate about your reasons also.

So now you have some great reasons, now your power of pursuit is extremely important to you. Now it is time for your pursuit to turn into the necessary momentum. Pursuing your dream with such vitality and enthusiasm that the world will just get out of your way. Think of the pursuit of your dream as being in a cross country race.

If you are anything like me, then you start slow and gradually pick each person off, one by one, like a sniper. If you were then to keep going you would hit the front at some stage. The hot secret to pursuit is taking small baby steps, continuous, persistent massive action. You just keep chipping away. As someone said, ‘How do you eat an elephant?

One piece at a time. Lastly the power of pursuit requires you to become proficient at what you do. I like to call this professionalism. In other words become attractive to the marketplace. This is a key element in your action plans, as you move forward pursuing your target.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey


The power of pursuit

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