Power Of Core Accountability Part III

The Real Magic Of The Power Of Core Accountability Is Found Within Your Daily Activities

Power of core accountability is absolutely amazing if used properly. Accountability should cover every aspect of your business life. The key is arriving at the end game as quickly as possible. Accountability is about doing the right things consistently. Below are three components of a success business


It should be your personal goal to expose your business to three people daily. Now whether that is getting the product(s) in 3 people’s hands, getting 3 people watching your specific overview video or 3 people going to your website, however your 3 a day occurs, exposing 3 people a day, should become a wonderful habit.

If you did the above, then you would be falling over people ready to get started in your business or becoming customers, assuming that you implement great follow up and follow through.


These daily calls are a MUST. This is where you get to listen to the very best distributors, their successes, tips, tricks and training ideas.

I am not going to say very much on this subject, because the calls should tell you everything that you need to know. Listen to the calls for 30 days and see how you feel. I bet these calls will be a fantastic source of information and inspiration for you and your team. The power of core accountability is awesome.


This really is another non negotiable MUST. In order to grow your business you MUST grow yourself. Personally I would do at least 30 minutes every day.power-of-core-accountability

So get a good book or books, listen the team call each day. Watch to you tube,there are thousands of great videos on all manor of subjects. With You Tube you will find that you have endless resources at your fingertips. Make your car and or your laptop your mobile university.

Where Is The Real Magic In Core Accountability?

The real magic is not necessarily the above suggestions in themselves, those are the core accountability part of the equation. The magic is the motion and activity, that you force yourself to do consistently and persistently.

If you don’t do what is required, on a daily basis, you will not only fail yourself, but you will feel and look like a fool.

The power of core accountability is controlled, disciplined action, which you have to report on or show others your results regularly. If you don’t crack on and get the job done, you will be embarrassed continually. So do whatever is required by that accountability group and thrive on a scale, previously unseen.

The impact of being a member of a core accountability group will be further enhanced by asking one of the members of the group to be each other’s accountability partner.

Close assistance of that partner will definitely leave even less chance for you to procrastinate and make implementation of your accountability program more likely.

There are a few more crown jewels that complete this core accountability. If you want the icing on the cake, then contact me and ask. I have deliberately left out two core subjects that seal all of this together.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System