Core Accountability Part II

Core Accountability Really Works

The power of core accountability is required, amazingly simple and it keeps network marketers laser focused, and right on target. I think it makes people more responsible and answerable for their habitual activities and behavior.

It is the best and most effective way I have found, to get the job completed successfully. It also helps people avoid those daily distractions and to helps them sustain their forward and progressive momentum.

Let’s Get Into The Nuts And Bolts Of Core Accountability.

We have to understand that the rules and non negotiable MUSTS will differ between network marketing companies and systems, but the basics will either be identical or similar right across the board.

What I want to mention now are some of those MUSTS.

Core Accountability Must Espouse Duplication.

The key for any core accountability group is duplication and execution. Yes, the actions must be taken regularly, but every action must be capable of being duplicated within the whole organization.core-accountability-really-works


As we mentioned in Part I, your mindset is crucial to success. So, understand that you are the boss, stop pointing fingers at others, take control and full responsibility for your own business and your results. You are the CEO of your own business, so act like it.

You are also responsible for everything that happens in your team, in regards to accountability, such as, leading by example, promotion, encouragement, awards, rewards and congratulations.

Your mindset must be absolutely top notch and it doesn’t matter whether your team’s wins are minute or huge. They all have the same impact and are part of the feel good factor, when used or handled properly.


Either create or use an accountability tracking sheet or program. This is the only way that you can track your progress every day, week, month, quarterly and yearly.

If it is not trackable or measurable, chances are that will not be able to find out what the problem is.

At some point in your business, you and or some of your team will be struggling and if you don’t know what your numbers, how can anyone really help you or your associates. You should always be forging ahead at a high level of leadership.


All good companies in the network marketing profession should have the appropriate training videos, which are commensurate to your current rank or pin level. In other words training that is in proportion to where you are in that business at that time. This is a MUST, MUST, MUST.


Let us assume that you are a member of an accountability group on Facebook and the group uses a points system to track progress.

They key is to write your results each day, regardless of the points you scored or didn’t score.

You could say, “Today I called 5 people.” or “Today I did two welcome calls and a 3 way call.” or you can just post your accountability tracker total.

I promise you the accountability of having to put up a zero or the excitement of being able to put up an 8 or a 10 will spur you on to do the right activities.

I would like you all to post a daily accountability posts within your relevant core group and allow others to help you keep accountable. This will cheer you on, doing all of this great stuff.

The number 1 indicator for your team growing is going to be your own personal activity. Fill out the Accountability Tracker daily and always post your numbers up.

Join me tomorrow for Part III of The Power Of Core Accountability In Network Marketing, where I reveal some of the vital activities that drive your network marketing business each day.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey