The Power Of Core Accountability

The Power Of Core Accountability: An Awesome Force

The power of core accountability is powerful. Core accountability is one of most effective ways for network marketers to progressively move forward at a much faster rate. WHY? Because it keeps everyone in check, accountable to themselves and others within a group. The power of core accountability rocks.

With core accountability there is no hiding place in a group situation and individuals are put on the spot to reveal their results or lack thereof. They either do or they do not and there is no room for excuses.

Core accountability, especially in small groups, sets ground rules and expectations that can either inspire you or make you sweat, because of inaction or a lack of integrity. The leader of the group will lay down what MUST be done, the non negotiable components.

Core Accountability Is Not For The Weak Or Timid

The principles teach a person to play at a higher level than they have ever played before. It is not for everybody and a participant must to be ready to up their game in order to win.

Sometimes it may mean that the individual is the right person, in the right group, but it is not the right time for them.the-power-of-core-accountability

On the other hand, the timing could be absolutely perfect for them and if that’s the case, then they can soar to new heights.

Core Accountability Means That You Have To Fight

This is where the rubber meets the road and tenacity comes into play. In other words a member of such a group must step up to the plate and hit the ground running, almost immediately.

A team member’s commitment is to show up every day and ensure that they are implementing the plan, that has been agreed on previously. So, let’s say that there are 5 core expectations for the group, then these MUST be completed on a daily basis.

To be a member of an elite group requires the individual to give it everything that they have. It demands a high and consistent level of action, that probably has been lacking in the past.

If the expectations are easy to meet, then they are probably ineffective. These expectations should stretch individuals and drive them on towards excellence and persistence.

Join me tomorrow for Part II of The Power Of Core Accountability In Network Marketing, where I reveal some of the specifics of what needs to be taken care of in your network marketing business.

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The Power Of Core Accountability