A Decisive Mind Is Powerful

A Decisive Mind Is Powerful. The Ultimate Power

A decisive mind is extremely powerful. When you make a definite decision, it should make you feel bold and empowered? It will send your imagination into overdrive, because of the infinite possibilities open you.

Successful network marketers make decisions and follow them up with massive action and persistent commitment. That is why they make the money and receive the plaudits, praise and rewards.

Have you ever been presented with a fantastic opportunity or confronted with a massive challenge or obstacle? If so what did you do about it. Did you grab the power available to you and go with it, or did you ignore the chance to become inspired, motivated and turn your back on this tremendous chance to feel great?

How Do You Become Decisive?

Decision making is a personal choice and I am not sure that you can teach it. Although I am sure that there will be people who say that it can be taught and they may well be right. But when you do make that decision it makes you feel fantastic. So we can’t put things off, we must DO IT KNOW!

I think that you must have a sense of urgency to get the job done. It appears to be an internal drive mechanism that spurs people into action. People need to have a desperate want, a very strong desire and an unbreakable will, if they are to forge ahead and win. A decisive mind is powerful and crucial. a-decisive-mind-is-powerful

Decision making frees up space in our cluttered minds and complicated world. A failure to act is normally due to procrastination. Procrastination normally occurs when we set aside a task or project and bury it temporarily.  A lot of the time we make out that it doesn’t really exist or that it is gone forever. We all know deep down, that at some stage, it will re-surface and have to be confronted.

What Needs To Happen First?

The first thing that probably needs to happen is a big mind shift from head in the sand to let’s do it now. Without this change in attitude from stagnation to vigorous action, nothing much will change.

Making decisions, although powerful in nature, can be inherently risky, depending on the task at hand. The passive person will be in a much worse position, they are left behind. The brave and person will get a real buzz because they have put it all on the line, even if he or she gets it wrong.

Making a decision is only powerful if there is consistent movement forward. To make a decision is exciting, but it must be followed by a commitment to completion and follow through. Understand that by putting things off until tomorrow, will only make matters much worse.

Indecision, in most cases, isn’t wrong for a specific individual. It is their choice what they decide to do or don’t do. But understand that the feelings of empowerment received from decision making are unbelievable and normally have an outstanding knock on effect on future choices for action takers.

To Your Success


Paul Bursey

A Decisive Mind Is Powerful