Be Consistent In Network Marketing

Is It Difficult To Be Consistent And Maintain Consistency In Network Marketing?

One of the most difficult things is to be consistent in network marketing and then maintain that consistency, as I am sure that any entrepreneur, leader or successful network marketer will tell you.

So how does someone brand new become consistent rapidly? (You can be brand new every week if you want)

People Maintain Consistency Already

Well let me ask you this question. Do you brush your teeth at least twice a day? I bet you do. There you go, you are consistent and have been for many years. So are there other areas where you maintain consistency? I bet there are.

The first thing that a new person has to decide is what their goal or goals are. This would then give clear indications as to amount of new business they would have to produce or develop. The key here is to sit down with someone who is actually highly successful and have them guide an individual and tell them exactly what they would need to do.

How To Use A Simple Model Of Consistency

Now the goal has to be written down on a piece of paper and it needs to have a date on it. The next thing to be done is placing that piece of paper on the fridge, where it can be seen many times each consistent

So let us say that in 90 days (13 weeks) a person would have to speak to 25 people a week as an example. I would suggest creating a another piece of paper, to go alongside the goal. On that piece of paper would be a large square or cube with 25 smaller numbered squares on it.

Each small square would represent one person spoken to that week. As the distributor spoke to a new person they would tick the corresponding numbered box. Early on you could in fact cut that down to a list showing 1 – 5, possibly representing those five people spoken to that day. (This could be based on speaking to five people a day for five days, Monday to Friday) It really doesn't matter as long as the goal is achieved.

Unfortunately Very Few People Achieve Consistency 

Here is an important point. Not many people do this. WHY NOT? As easy as it is to do. Because they do not keep the business simple. They overload, overwhelm and overcomplicate things to the point of exhaustion.

So at first it could be just a simple task of finding five people a day to smile at and say hello or good morning. Could someone do this without pressure? Absolutely.

Consistency in network marketing, is a rare commodity, if used in the right way. What do I mean by that? Well most people do not have the patience or persistence to see a project or goal through and that is why only a small percentage make it. 

So yes, a person could speak to many people in a day, but there are no guarantees of success. WHY? There is probably a key element missing here.

Consistency Requires The X Factor

A person should not only have to be consistent with the numbers, but also learn to be real nice, consistent with their beaming smile, their relaxed attitude and their excited but controlled confidence. 

So in other words the law of averages and the numbers game will work for a individual, as long as they know and understand where they are going in life and they are prepared to become attractive to others like a large magnet. 

A person could in fact be very consistent, but if that person's attitude was rotten or they just plain repelled people, then that person is not going to make it.

The individual is the X Factor. WHY? People will join people because they like to be around that particular person and they have decided that they can work with that individual. It is all down to the likeability factor.

In Summary

So to maintain consistency and be consistent in network marketing needs many things but two of the most important are consistency, which is daily dogged determination coupled together with a person's personality. These two factors together are unbreakable.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

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