The More You Do It The Easier It Gets

It’s A Fact The More You Do It The Easier It Gets

The more you do it, sounds easy enough doesn’t it, but for most of the people in network marketing it becomes a chore or millstone around their neck. They normally say to themselves, ‘Do I have to do that?’ For the winners and leaders, they thrive and make a mockery of that last statement.

Yes, if you want to progress, there are a few things that you have to learn to do. The more you do it, the better you become at whatever it is. I think we all agree that this is the case for most things, including jumping out of your comfort zone and completing tasks you never dreamt about previously.

Now, do you just do them, because you have to or because you want the adulation or cheers when you actually make it and succeed?

Take driving a car for an example. Do you remember the first time you ever attempted to drive a car? It was like trying to break the enigma code at first. Your left foot changes the gears and the right foot is used to switch between the brake and accelerator. This is just for starters isn’t it, because you also have to take into account things like the mirrors, steering wheel and gear stick etc.

Initially you are thrust into an ‘Australian Conspiracy’. Not only have you got to learn how to co-ordinate all of these actions and instruments simultaneously, but you have to also deal with that ‘Kangaroo Petrol’, which appears to have a life of it’s own and want to make the car jump and lurch all over the place.

How do they get that Kangaroo in the petrol tank. At first you feel that you need reins rather than a steering wheel. But the more you do it, right?

You see in the end if you are persistent and the desire to drive forward is strong enough, you will win. Now whether you win quickly or like me after quite some time, is irrelevant. You did it!the more you do it

The key here is that you kept on relentlessly and cracked it. Now when you drive down to the supermarket, you don’t even realise what you are doing because it becomes automatic. You are on automatic pilot and the whole process is as smooth as silk, well hopefully. But I think you can see what i mean here.

Look most things are alien to us at first and you just have to practice, practice and practice some more. The more you do it, right?

Does it only affect the weak and new people in network marketing? Absolutely not. I have seen people earning $500K a year, become a jabbering, shaking wreck when taken out of their comfort zone. We are all the same when we have to learn new skills that we are not comfortable with, but we learn to walk and ride a bike, don’t we?

There appear to be three areas where network marketers hit the buffers and they are talking face to face with people (public speaking), talking on the telephone and lastly the area of technology, which includes social media, video and audio.

To bridge the gap between becoming knowledgeable or remaining ignorant, taking action or procrastinating or feeling comfortable, rather than uncomfortable, you must either make a decision to become proficient at something by pitching straight in and just doing it or seeking the help of professionals to assist you.

There are absolutely no excuses here, you either do or you don’t. The more you do it, right?

Sometimes ‘the more you do it the easier it gets,’ is so true. Has there been times when I have avoided doing something or broken out in a cold sweat, you bet there has been on many occasions.

So in closing, you embrace ‘the more you do it,’ philosophy, if you work on your confidence and raise your confidence to extreme high levels, so then it becomes second nature to do an action.or actions, without thinking or dread. The only way you will achieve this is by telling yourself, ‘I am excellent at……’ and then proving it.

 To Your Success

Paul Bursey

Attraction Marketing System

The more you do it, the easier it gets.

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