The Meaning Of Inconvenience In Network Marketing

The Meaning Of Inconvenience

For those of us who are developing our network marketing businesses, at the present moment, the meaning of inconvenience, is fully explored and answered, just by being involved in this industry. Because this business is most definitely built on a series of inconveniences. What do I mean by that?

Well, think back to when you were attending university, college or waiting for transportation, as an example. The meaning of inconvenience, for most of us, is thoroughly tested at various stages. You know having to study when your mates are out having fun or having your flight delayed for many hours, due to circumstances out of your control. We hate it, but we are all used to inconveniences in our lives.

So here you are, working for a company and you are doing okay. You have a reasonable or good salary, but here comes this network marketing opportunity and you get all excited, as we all do. After a certain amount of research and due diligence, you make a decision that you want to get involved, because it looks extremely interesting. You think that this is your chance to escape the rat race and that 40-year rut plan. meaning of inconvenience

So let’s examine how the caldron of inconveniences actually help you build, not only a fantastic business but outstanding character, persistence, and patience as well.

Inconveniences, hurdles, obstacles, and challenges, will either break you or make you. You will fight on through and overcome or you will quit as a loser. That is just the way of life for most people. The ones that stay develop outstanding character, they learn to keep going when the chips are down or it is really tough and they also learn to stay until they complete their task. 

Are The Inconveniences Worth The Effort?

I think that the change to your lifestyle, time schedule, and the pace of life initially, the inconveniences, are really worth the time you invest, but understand that you will be inconvenienced in some way. Those that are prepared for some considerable inconvenience, will reap the lions share of the rewards and those who are not prepared to be inconvenienced or disrupt their lives in any way, will not pick the fruits or achieve anything substantial.

So what are these inconveniences, because at the end of the day, it is just an opinion of course? I look at the so-called inconveniences as fun and just a part of your business and personal growth and development. I have absolutely no problem whatsoever in dealing with these things, whereas someone else may feel that network marketing intrudes into their everyday life and believe me it does. 

It may be getting up early to make a telephone call, read some relevant material or meet a prospect for coffee. It could be staying up late for a transatlantic conference call or a training session. There are many varied tasks and challenges confronting you when you build a network marketing business. 

Isn’t All Achievement Based On Hard Work And Inconvenience?

Of course, it is, whether you are training for a triathlon, marathon or studying to become a Doctor or lawyer. You have to put yourself out, graft and inconvenience yourself in order to succeed in your chosen career path, business or sporting activity.

You not only need to meticulous in your planning, but ruthless in your execution of that plan. It is all a bundle of necessary inconveniences that we subject ourselves to.We have to jump into the melting pot of inconvenience to see where our journey is going to take us.

So it is quite plain to see that an individual must be prepared to do whatever it takes and the meaning of inconvenience hits us hard along the way. Either we put up with inconvenience and win or shun and turn our backs on inconvenience and lose. It is your choice, my friends.

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