The Major Attributes Of Leadership:


Sympathy and Understanding

A successful leader must be in sympathy with his team members up to a certain point.

A leader is a leader all of the time, not some of the time or when he feels like it.

Although sympathy and empathy are important they must not get in the way of massive action and progress. But a leader must understand some of the challenges, problems or obstacles that his team may be going through.

Maybe the best way to help people is to show that you can either do it or have done it in the past. It is a fine balance between sympathy and not getting the job done.

I personally find that you really know most of the answers that you are searching for. Obviously there is a huge difference between a death in the family and struggling to find leads for your business.

The former requires tact and diplomacy, whereas the latter would probably just require a combination of training, masterminding and research on the part of the person involved.

Sympathy is a tricky one to handle sometimes but we do not want to get to the stage of having whiners and complainers on our team.

Paul Bursey 

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