The Magical Power Of Your Intentions

The Magical Power Of Your Intentions Can Be An Awesome Force

Personally, I believe that your intentions provide you with tremendous power to get things completed. We all have aims and plans, but not all of us follow through with them and deliver.

First of all, I hope that you have a strong sense of purpose or at least some worthwhile aim. You see, so many people stagger through life with goals, dreams or any idea of where they are going and why.the magical power of your intentions

You must have fantastic intentions and a powerful purpose in order to inspire and propel yourself forward.

If you are serious about producing the desired result, then you must understand that determination and persistence are required to accompany your aims. Without these two twin winners, you probably have little chance of success in your chosen endeavor.

So ask yourself these questions, “Am I driven by my intentions?” and “Do I have a strong will that won’t allow anything or anybody to alter my path or course?” Now we are getting down to the nitty gritty because most people are good at talking, but few are excellent at doing.

It is all about your inner desires, what you really want and are prepared to fight for, which will determine your results. If you have a weak determination, you will get weak rewards, it is as simple as that.

I read quite a lot of material from Dr. Wayne W Dyer and here is a quote from one of his books, ‘The Power Of Intention’, which I thoroughly recommend. “I imagine a sort of pit bull kind of resolve or determination. If you’re one of those people with a never-give-up attitude combined with an internal picture that propels your toward fulfilling your dreams, you fit this description of someone with intention. You are, most likely, a super achiever and probably proud of your ability to recognize and take advantage of opportunities that arise.”

You see in the end it is up to you and the quality of your reasons and intentions to do really well that will drive your actions. I think that your intentions have to be excellent and right on target to be effective. If you get your intentions right they will produce this outstanding magical power that will have a very long and lasting effect on your life and achievements.

To Your Success

Paul Bursey


The magical power of your intentions.

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