The Essence Of Passion For Your Life

The Essence Of Passion

Passion is powerful…Nothing was ever achieved without it, and nothing can take it’s place. No matter what you face in life. If your passion is robust enough, you will find the strength to succeed. Without passion, life has no meaning. So put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts… This is the essence of passion. THIS IS THE SECRET TO LIFE.”

I have a fantastic photograph in a frame of a gigantic whale coming out of the sea. This is definitely a WOW type of photograph.the essence of passion

The writing above this paragraph is on the bottom of that photograph and it sums up PASSION and what it means to me. If anyone knows me I am into team sports and recently I watched England play in the world cup. I wouldn’t say that they were the favorites but they were expected to get to at least the semi-final.

Now they played Algeria the other day and to say they lacked passion was the biggest understatement ever. You cannot get anywhere in this world without PASSION.

Some people just need a rocket under them. Take a look at some videos on YOU TUBE and you decide who you want to emulate, follow or just bin.

Believe me when I say if you don’t LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH PASSION & PURPOSE then what is the point. Any way please be inspired by the video below:


To Your Success

Paul Bursey

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